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another 365

365 days sounds a lot. It is a lot!

For me it certainly is. Especially the last 365 days were lot! I can tell you. After the disaster with my (meanwhile) ex last year, and even more difficult times with him, we got back together, everything seemed fine, now we’re separated and it’s all good. Very good from that point in my life 🙂

Actually I never felt better than right now, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m thankful for every moment that I spent. Life is too short for waiting, too short to waste it. Life is great and it must be shared, with love and happiness as they multiply when you share them. Also share the hard moments and tears (there were a lot in the last 365 days) but they start to vanish when you share them.

hat starters batad

vacation planning

I was talking about the blanket, now next week I will be traveling a lot. I plan a little holiday, just one week, but it will include 6 trips with the train (I’m going to visit friends all around Germany)
And you can guess it, the blanket is not so travel friendly..

But I started a new hat a few weeks ago, tried a couple of times to get it right and now I know how to get the result I want. I want to make a thin hat for autumn/spring, just for the chilly winds but not so warm I will sweat when it’s still pretty „warm“ outside.



I meant to write this post about three weeks ago but I was knitting.
Yes I was actually knitting. whoop whoop
what am I knitting at the moment?
well, degrees are hotter than they were all summer long and I am back at my acorn blanket. I’ve been knitting on and off for several years now. Last time last october. And now I’m actually about to finish it. Yes I mean finish, in the sense of knitting all the rows from the pattern (which are 199), plus a boarder, plus the terribly long bind off.
chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately, mostly bread but a few cookies too.

Today I want to share a chocolate chip cookie recipe I found by browsing pinterest. I was particularly looking for a nice chocolate cookie and first came across the one from the New York Times but I really couldn’t be bothered to let the dough rest in the fridge for one and a half days. When I want cookies I want them now. Well as soon as possible anyways. When baking bread I can wait, good bread takes its time. But with cookies it’s different.

pink sneaker socks

FO – summer socks quickie part 2

so I made one more pair of sneaker socks. I think I’ll make a third too.

They’re quick, they’re easy and portable too.


With these I made things a little bit different, especially on the heel. Well different might not be the perfect word, I just made the heel with a few less stitches, the outcome is a socks that’s slightly smaller. I like the outcome so much more that I actually ripped the heal of my green/grey ones again to also work the heel over a few less stitches. Yay!