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chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately, mostly bread but a few cookies too.

Today I want to share a chocolate chip cookie recipe I found by browsing pinterest. I was particularly looking for a nice chocolate cookie and first came across the one from the New York Times but I really couldn’t be bothered to let the dough rest in the fridge for one and a half days. When I want cookies I want them now. Well as soon as possible anyways. When baking bread I can wait, good bread takes its time. But with cookies it’s different.

pink sneaker socks

FO – summer socks quickie part 2

so I made one more pair of sneaker socks. I think I’ll make a third too.

They’re quick, they’re easy and portable too.


With these I made things a little bit different, especially on the heel. Well different might not be the perfect word, I just made the heel with a few less stitches, the outcome is a socks that’s slightly smaller. I like the outcome so much more that I actually ripped the heal of my green/grey ones again to also work the heel over a few less stitches. Yay!

sneaker socks

FO – summer socks quickie

warm weather is either sandals or sneakers for me, now my sneakers needed a few more socks.

I could buy some or knit some. I knitted some.


I don’t follow a particular pattern, I like toe-up, I like to make my toes symmetrical, I like the yo-yo-heal, I like the heal on app. 70% pf the total stitches not just 50% as most pattern will ask you for. I find it gives less bulk on top of my foot and a better fit. With these shorties I liked that the heel is