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Framed – November 2016, spooky and knitting

November 2016, what a month huh?, well what a year right? 2016 is one of this years that never should have happened.. Now it’s first of December and soon the year will be over. Personally I can’t really complain much, not at all, but on a global level? gruesome, horrifying, frightful, shocking, unpleasant, disturbing, just to name a few.

Too many good people dying, and now the next “leader” of the western world will be a racist fake smile. Well. To me this is still unbelievable and I try to do best and help people as often as I can in my environment these days. Starting off with donating blood. I try to stay positive and keep my faith in humanity to stand tall and stay loud whenever needed. People have the power to change everything.

of hiding spaces and ufos

I have found some yellow yarn in a corner.

in case you follow me on instagram you may have seen this cardigan. But you never saw it finished. I never wrote a FO post here, I never posted it anywhere. I was not happy with its outcome.
I ran out of yarn a little too early and the nice band I had in mind was never wide enough. I couldn’t find a proper way to wear it, hence it never made it to its full glory and at this very moment lives in my closet, a little sad, I guess.

yarn colorful

winter knits 2016

first, my Eichenlaub Blanket is finished!!! yesterday I washed and blocked it. Well blocking is not quite right, it’s too big and to my surprise it’s final rounds are not designed to be laid out flat. Nevertheless I tried my best and oh my god, I love it!

Just to see to centre bloom is a dream. The color is so gorgeous. The brown is subtle and a warming eye candy. A proper finished post will follow, once I have a clue on how to take pictures that will show it’s full beauty. (I do hope for the new sofa which shall arrive next week to give a sleek background)

herbst laub

Framed – October 2016, the happy halloween edition

So happy Halloween!!

October was mainly rainy, a few good marvellous days of sun in-between. Overall a good month. Well actually a very good month. . .


I made egg salad with avocado! it’s the best, imagine a guacamole-egg-salad-sandwich, just the idea must make your mouths water. If not I believe there is something seriously wrong with you. Naaah just kidding, everyone can eat what they like 🙂

neukölln wall

photo fun in neukölln

the 3rd of October is a national holiday in Germany and with some luck, you have brilliant weather on that day every year. So it also happened this 3rd of October (I will not mention that after that day the weather became all dull and grey and wet and nasty – – oopsi now I mentioned)

Anyways, a good friend of mine and I decided to walk around the city and discover the “Kiez”. We went for Neukölln and it was an awesome day.