fave moments

neukölln wall

photo fun in neukölln

the 3rd of October is a national holiday in Germany and with some luck, you have brilliant weather on that day every year. So it also happened this 3rd of October (I will not mention that after that day the weather became all dull and grey and wet and nasty – – oopsi now I mentioned)

Anyways, a good friend of mine and I decided to walk around the city and discover the “Kiez”. We went for Neukölln and it was an awesome day.

pumpkindle header patt

Pumpkindle – the pattern – a halloween amigurumi doll

it’s October which means leaves are falling, crisp under your feet, pumpkins are big and ready to be loved. Soups, baked with some rosemary from the oven, carved, lanterns – anything goes.

So does this little fellow, still some leaves on his head and a bright smile on his face Pumpkindle is ready to have a party.

Cute and quick crochet, just in time for Halloween.

pumpkindle header

FO – #pumpkindle a halloweeny amigurumi doll

a new doll 🙂

the first in ages, that I actually finished. And you know what – I love it. I used the last rainy weekend to make it. Had the idea for a Pumpkin-amigurumi-doll in my mind for a few days already and the last weekend made it happen.

Right now I’m also typing down the pattern, I hope to be able to put it up this weekend, so you can make one too. He’s just so freaking cute!

batad ocean style

FO – summer breezy ocean style batad

hm, the weather is terrible today, rainy and grey and cold. I wanted to be in a sauna all day, where the humidity is based on steam, cause it’s waaarm! but instead I remembered this little photoshoot, that was more or less a oh-while-we-go-cherry-picking-can-we-just-stop-for-a-sec-and-take-a-few-pics?

so we did and here they finally are, a sweet summer throw back thursday:)



yarnmadelinetosh Prairie in cove and undergrowth

rostock sonnenuntergang

another 365

365 days sounds a lot. It is a lot!

For me it certainly is. Especially the last 365 days were lot! I can tell you. After the disaster with my (meanwhile) ex last year, and even more difficult times with him, we got back together, everything seemed fine, now we’re separated and it’s all good. Very good from that point in my life 🙂

Actually I never felt better than right now, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m thankful for every moment that I spent. Life is too short for waiting, too short to waste it. Life is great and it must be shared, with love and happiness as they multiply when you share them. Also share the hard moments and tears (there were a lot in the last 365 days) but they start to vanish when you share them.