my cami grows, yesterday I spent a whole lotta time knitting this thing and making the decreases and figuring out where to increase again and finally I just made the increases where I ‘felt’ they would be good positioned. Well I need to try this on again, it looks so damn small, and I think it will be small, I just hope it won’t be too small.

EDIT: aaaaaaaaarrrrrgh — I will need to frog this, I just tried it on and it IS too small, I mean it fits perfectly well when worn, it supports my shape of the body, the waist shaping looks good, but unfortunatly the waist shaping is what makes it too small: it just took me about ten (!!!) minutes to put it off again – TEN LOST MINUTES.
Sigh, I don’t like to frog it, although it might be just the right thing to do, I never enjoyed the ease of the ribbing, this overstretching isn’t mine and therefore I can alter this as well, but if I feel like doing this today I don’t know
btw: this would make a beautiful corset or a caridgan, it only needs to be openable.

EDIT 2: I’m this close to frog this lovely piece of smallness. I tried the russian bind off (never made this before, normally just use a bigger needle than the piece itself, but the russian one looks pretty cute and is flexible enough to be great for this project.) Also I figure I could knit this up into a pullunder (is this english?) to wear over my blouses. I would like a cabled ribbing too.