November 2016, what a month huh?, well what a year right? 2016 is one of this years that never should have happened.. Now it’s first of December and soon the year will be over. Personally I can’t really complain much, not at all, but on a global level? gruesome, horrifying, frightful, shocking, unpleasant, disturbing, just to name a few.

Too many good people dying, and now the next “leader” of the western world will be a racist fake smile. Well. To me this is still unbelievable and I try to do best and help people as often as I can in my environment these days. Starting off with donating blood. I try to stay positive and keep my faith in humanity to stand tall and stay loud whenever needed. People have the power to change everything.

business as usual

That picture in the elevator? that was the 8th, the world still seemed alright..and the weekend before I listened to this wonderful saxophone player humming a tune by Stevie Wonder.

donating blood supermoon

There also was the #supermoon16 and it is awkwardly difficult to take a picture of it. My new camera is a charm, but this moon? a challenge! What you see here is the blurry moon as seen from my balcony through the dry stems of my basil.

Oh and christmas season starts early this year, which is fine, cause these Dominosteine are the greatest! A bakery around the corner makes them, I wish they would keep selling them throughout January too.

photofun november

It’s been getting cold, the Lumix is with me all the time, capturing beauty everyday. 🙂


new sofa

And I finally got the new sofa, I think I mentioned it before. It’s gorgeous and was a lucky thing as I ordered it online and had no idea if it will be comfy. It is! (left door is bedroom, right door is balcony, picture is from 2010 when I painted my last oil, granny blanket is here)

I’ve also been knitting like crazy this November. I finished this monster. Love is in the air..

lace blanket

I still wait for a good idea on how to present it properly in pictures. You can see it’s not laying flat completely. Blocking helped a lot but not entirely. If you have a brilliant idea how to do this or have seen good pictures, show me! I need some inspiration.

And not wanting to buy yarn, when you enter a LYS you know how the story goes…

malabrigo mittens

you leave with the perfect orange to match your green winter jacket… You start mittens (which you wanted anyways, only instead of stash, you again use new yarn..) and a matching hat, as you bought not only one skein but two. Maybe one skein would not be enough for a pair of mittens. As if…

Anyways I love this yarn, I love this mittens, I love the hat that is still growing. I’ll share the “recipe” for both as soon as I finished. I’m not using a specific pattern and with the hat I actually “design” something new.


So long, 2016, please don’t surprise us with even worse stuff this year. We all had enough.

Love you nevertheless

Hugs Diana