you will be missed my friend.

Instead of my regular recap of the last month I want to share my story with Prince today. April was filled with lots of work, a business trip to Milano, some quality time with my boyfriend, but what will be remembered for ever of April 2016 is the death of Prince. A man who was the soundtrack to my life for the last 20+ years and will be for many more years to come I hope.
Prince died on the 21st. You will be missed my friend.

My “relationship” with Prince, he probably never knew I was also on this planet but that doesn’t matter 🙂 started with his death back in 1992. I know this sounds weird but let me take you back:
I remember it very clearly, it was a Saturday, I was awake very early, I was 13. And as my parents and my brother were still sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb anyone, I went into the living room and turned on the telly and there he was. Prince.
It was a MTV weekend dedicated to Prince and there was Mayte in a golden dress and him in an elevator of glass or dancing holding the guitar. It was the music video to “7”. And I was caught. I know now not many people get caught by Prince due to what he did in the early 90s but this was it for me. Than there were “My name is Prince” and “Purple Rain” and “Kiss” and so many more, the rest of that weekend was me and MTV with Prince everywhere and my parents sometimes complaining but I occupied the telly nevertheless.
I didn’t understand a single english word, I was just 13 and just started to learn the language. I didn’t need to understand the lyrics I understood the music. The way he played the guitar or the piano. The beats coming from him, the story told by an instrument was what caught me. I was sold. My life would never be the same. There was something in his music and I mean the music, the melodies, the notes that went right through my ears into my heart and finally touching my soul.
This was Music as it should be.
And I started buying his CDs, my first being the Hits collection, a tripple album including some B-sides. I was clearly addicted.
And he died.
Well “Prince” died in 1993. It was all over the news and I was shocked, how can this happen when I just found him? Very quickly it was revealed that not the person but the name Prince was no longer to be used, as copyright fights made him change his name <+)O
That’s how “we” started. I became a decent fam. Enjoying every bit of music I could find, listening to his words and his guitar.
In 2007 was the first time we got to meet each other for the first time. The Super Bowl show that year just amazed me so much! I was literally blown away by just the fact that the atmosphere in that stadium was infused with him and so much love – even though these people were there to see the game. I don’t believe there are a lot of people buying tickets for the Super Bowl to see the half time act, are there?
It was raining that day. And the audience was singing with him. The sight of that show gave me goosebumps, it was amazing – people who might not know more about him and would get bored any other occasion were singing. It must have been incredible to be there.
Luckily Prince was coming to Europe that summer too. 21 nights in London. The last two shows two days before my birthday in September, the last after show on the 21st. which would mean he would be partying with me into my birthday. It just had to be. So I bought tickets, I bought flights, I booked a hotel. I’ve never been that spontaneous in my life before. It was crazy. And I loved it.
The concerts were magic, the first one even more than the second. One moment I just stood there and soaked in the atmosphere in the hall. Extraordinary!
During the after show on the second night I remember when I got amazed stepping back a little from the stage to eat a snickers I brought. That this snickers I was eating and him had so much in common, they are both so small and so full of energy. Man! that guy had energy, he lived life to the max, enjoying every moment.
Last time I saw him was in Montreux in 2013, two shows both unique in their own way, beautiful ones.
prince artwork

a picture I made back in 2010 that decorates my living room wall

To see him perform was always something very special but just to listen to him.. when he touched the guitar he touched me. He touched my heart, my soul.
Due to his music, his lyrics his self-confidence, the personality I could catch from all this I am who I am today. The silent, polite, confident, caring person I believe he was had a huge influence on me growing up. I believe of my self as to care for others, to be silent and polite and funny and ironic and confident and strong.
thank you
How do you say goodbye to someone you didn’t know yet you know so much about?
To someone who knew nothing about you yet taught you so much about yourself?
To someone who was never in your life yet was with you every step of the way?
Saying goodbye to this man is like saying goodbye to a piece of myself and it hurts just as much.
And I can say nothing more than Thank You!
And being a knitter I will make something purple, I’m thinking about a Batad. This would be his style and mine 🙂
Thanks for listening, now let’s go crazy and have a marvelous May.
madelinetosh prairie purple basil

madelinetosh prairie purple basil – picture taken from their website and hopefully arriving on my doorstep tomorrow so I can cast on