to be honest I don’t really know where to start. I haven’t blogged or written anything really during the last year. I missed my journal for example and took some notes and thoughts here and there but didn’t put them in the right place, into my actual journal. And now I feel this weird pressure of making everything right – even when understanding about six or seven years ago, when I first started to write a journal that there is no pressure, that I don’t have to write every single day, that I don’t need to be creative every single day. That having a journal means to use it when I need it.

Maybe that also meant I didn’t need it as much as I did before. But I miss it and I want to start over again.

Also for my blog and my social media in general I don’t any longer feel the need to spam you with all sorts of nonsense here and there. I’ve never been one to share stupid amounts of giveaways or ordinary/average pictures just for the purpose of sharing something, anything. And I don’t ever want to be that person. I want people to enjoy the content I give. To take something from it. Lately this became ever so clear to me.

My insta is having maybe two or three pics a month at the moment. I enjoy these pictures. This blog is having its last entry in September and I don’t really feel bad about this. There simply wasn’t much to share and talk about lately.

“to share something of value”

And I want to keep it that way, to share when I feel I have something of value, for me and you. I have a few patterns or rather a few more recipes for shawls I want to share. But I don’t want to feel the need to write only for the purpose of writing. Do you want to hear about a little accident in a yarn store where I again bought too many skeins? Do you actually want to know about another cardigan I’ve started or a new shawl or the idea to have socks? Personally I find my self not reading such “no content” stories, to pass by them,… what captures me is when I can learn something, when I can find out something new. And that is definitely no weird stories about a new pair of needles someone bought. How do you feel about this?

Overall I think this blog will develop into a direction of more info, more content, more understanding and learning. The reason for example why I don’t really want to write a pattern but rather give you a recipe is because I want you to understand what you are doing. Do give you the tools to recreate a piece in the same or a similar manner. To adjust a piece according to your needs. I never get gauge, I always substitute yarn and needles. And I want o make sizes that are not given in the pattern I bought. So I adjust. And I know all knitters can adjust and adapt a pattern to their needs. I also know most are too frightened and nervous, because patterns are not written in such a way and as a newbie you get nervous. I got nervous. I want to help with the things I’ve learned over the last almost 20 years of knitting and I hope you will find this helpful too.

so long, I hope you have an awesome year, let’s all have an awesome year, with more smiles and more little happy moments.

hugs, Diana

p.s. reading this last paragraph it makes me think of a famous phrase of a painter, you might know him… “we don’t make mistakes, we make happy little accidents” …. I just love this way of thinking 🙂