the test crocheters for Wesley are doing great so far and I’m sure I will be able to upload the pattern next week. Keep your eyes open 🙂 as I also will have a 50% discount on it the first two weeks after introduction.


in the meantime I needed to decide between finishing a cardigan and waking it from its beauty sleep or casting on something new. A new summery shawl to be precise. And startitis won, I casted on. *sigh*

Casting on also included some experimenting. I love the “new” shawl shape that is rounded but not like half a circle but something between that and a classic scarf. Last year I made Charlize:


And even though I loved making it I hated the “side seam” which is the inner seam in the finished piece. It’s soooo stretched that it gets hard and feels like cutting into my skin. I asked on ravelry and it seamed like I was the only one?

I ended up adding a crochet edge to this seam which made it softer but couldn’t be the best solution. So now I’m trying some things to add stitches to the seam to make it stretch a little less and therefore softer:

Trying a new cast on for shawls #knitting Progressing with the new cast on #knitting

a “i-cord-cast-on” with a kyok in the middle on the left picture and an “i-cord-cast-on” with a simple yo on the right picture

Am I really the only one feeling this way about shawl edges?