my November in pictures. The more I take this challenge, the more I like it, not only does it make me take a few moments a day to reflect and react to my environment but also looking back and putting together this post is really satisfying.

1. something beginning with a “C”: kind of funny this one, I’ve been thinking about this the whole morning and couldn’t think of anything, and than we’re sitting at Burgeramt in Friedrichshain/Berlin having lunch and there’s Che Guevara at the wall, and my first idea was CHILLIE CHEESE burger and I’m having a coffee with it and it comes with a chocolate wafer…everything were “C”‘s o_O
Day 1: something beginning with "C": my lunch today Chillie Cheese Burger with coffee with milk and chocolate wafer YUMM #fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoadaynovember #Berlin #nomnom
2. Colour: a lot of red and green
Day 2: color: all in all a very colorful day #fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoadaynovember #amigurumi
3. Breakfast: cereal and kiwi
Day 3: breakfast #fmsphotoaday #breakfast
4. TV: it was a Sunday, I like to spend my Sunday morning watching cartoons, yes I’m like that! and recently I really like Kung Fu Panda, anyone else? ^__^
Nov 4: TV watching Kung Fu Panda #fmsphotoaday #tv
5. 5 o’clock: not exactly 5 o’clock, but hey, close enough
6. A favourite thing: my camera
Day 6: a favorite thing my #dslr #fmsphotoaday #fatmumslim
7. Reflection: my living room lamp in the glass cover of a picture in my living room
Nov: 7 reflection #fmsphotoaday #reflection
8. Something you do everyday: cleaning my teeth, I was actually really thinking about this for a while, what do I do EVERY day? like EVERY day?
Nov 8: sth you do everyday: tooth brushing #fmsphotoaday #toothbrush
9. Small: ^__^
Nov 9: small #fmsphotoaday #icecream
10. Can’t {won’t} live without: crafting, which includes yarn, could you?
Nov 10: can't (won't) live without #yarn #art #creativity #fmsphotoaday
11. Night: coming home late..
12. Drink: black tea with milk, lately I really love this mixture…
Nov 12: drink #tea with #milk #fmsphotoaday #picsart
13. Where you slept: my bed is where I woke up that day, and a hotel bed in Dresden is where I fell asleep
Nov 13: where you slept #fmsphotoaday #sleep #bed
14. Man-made: and very impressive the Frauenkirche in Dresden, if you ever come to visit Germany you MUST come to Dresden as well, it’s such a wonderful city, with so much history in it, you really MUST come here!
Nov 14: man-made #Frauenkirche #fmsphotoaday
15. In your bag: I was packing bags again, for a congress in Berlin, and unpacking I found this in my bag:
Nov 15: in your bag #fmsphotoaday #inyourbag
16. The view from your window: Berlin, Hotel Intercontinental, at night
Nov 16: the view from my window #Berlin #fmsphotoaday
17. The last thing you bought: cookies, a womans suit (from the 70’s or 80’s) and a neckcloth with froggies
Nov 17: the thing you bought last #fmsphotoaday #lastthing #yellow #vintage
18. Happened this weekend: I had cookies, yumm
Nov 18: happened this weekend - I ate #cookies #fmsphotoaday
19. Something awesome: …
Nov 19: something awesome #awesome #fmsphotoaday #headache
20. Work/play: car-driving and knitting
Nov 20: work/play #fmsphotoaday #nofilter #tree #knitting
21. What you wore: I went swimming – yay
Nov 21: what you wore .. I went swimming today #fmsphotoaday #pink
22. Grateful: sunshine!!!! just simple sunshine, November this year was very much a November you don’t dream of, so full of mist or fog however you want to call it, I was VERY grateful to see sunshine for just one day
Nov 22: grateful - sunshine #fmsphotoaday #sun #sunshine #grateful
23. Black: a black and white picture of something I’m working on for my christmas calendar (starting tomorrow, dec 1st, which technically is today, but since I haven’t slept yet, it’s still November ^__^)
Nov 23: black #fmsphotoaday #black I'm working on the advent calender for my blog #amigurumis #amigurumi #advent
24. A sound you heard: probably a very typical sound when you live in a big city just like Berlin, the sound of police cars, only today it was the sound of about 60 (!) police cars, there must have been something going on
Nov 24: a sound you heard - #police cars #fmsphotoaday #Berlin #friedrichshain
25. Sky: it was the weekend and I remember taking this picture, as I was very surprised at how dull and grey a sky can look from inside but when you actually take a look AT the sky outside it can be multi-coloured and pretty interesting, not to mention pretty beautiful in its own way
Nov 25: sky - taking this picture I was surprised to see what's all dull and grey from inside is actually really beautiful outside #sky #fmsphotoaday #Berlin #beautiful #grey
26. In the cupboard: I was spending a few days in a hotel again (for a training) and this was my hotel cupboard view, kinda sexy, uh?
Nov 26: in the cupboard in #pentahotel near #Berlin #fmsphotoaday
27. Tree: I spent the last days in a hotel and we took the night out to the city, on the way the first trees I saw were christmas trees, I liked them
Nov 27: tree Christmas #trees in #Berlin #decoration #fmsphotoaday #lights
28. Vehicle: I just couldn’t take the challenge to add a picture of the car, besides I couldn’t be bothered to get outside again in the pouring rain, just for a car pic, it was raining all day long

imagine a car here

29. Big: a “bauble”, I came across this add for a garden show next year and liked the idea a lot, mother earth as a bauble ^__^
Nov 29: big "bauble" #earth #fmsphotoaday #big #advent #season
30. On the wall: my advent calendar ^__^ mine is made with smurftastic love inside the-he-he
Nov 30: on the wall - my #advent #calendar #fmsphotoaday

summing this up, I just can’t believe how much time I spent in hotels this month, it didn’t feel that much…

hope your month was smurftastic as well, read you tomorrow in the first post of December, sleep tight everyone ♥
hugs, Diana