Aargh – not as much pirate like but more in a dammit what happened way.
Time is running so fast, I have no idea what happened. It’s already autumn out there and Ludwig still is mane-less (even though a man would really warm his head).
Well during the last couple of weeks I worked like crazy and needed to travel a good amount of the time (I would share pictures of hotel rooms, but you know what they say: a hotel bed is a hotel bed is a hotel bed). Then I got sick (pretty bad cold with fever and everything) and now I have a week off and decided to let you guys know what’s up over here and finally post the last bits of the Ludwig pattern and now it’s raining like crazy, it’s all dark and grey and I can’t take proper pictures for the pattern. It almost seems like the universe doesn’t want me to finish this particular pattern…

I do my best! I promise

because I feel so bad for not letting you know what’s going on, during a last few weeks I got plenty new subscribers (hi everybody ^__^) and they didn’t had anything new to read, I mean you subscribe to a blog and you want to READ, don’t you? And all my loyal “old” subscribers didn’t have anything to do around here as well, I am so sorry! And all of you who wrote, thanks alot, I’m really doing fine, it’s just time flying by soooo fast, I mean it’s autumn by now, I even made candles yesterday, because you know, when it’s cold outside you want a cuddly home ( I have no idea where to place them, in my new flat I seem to miss candle area, but I will sure find something sooner or later)

so again, I feel bad for being so quiet and Ludwig will have hair ASAP

hugs, Diana