Hey, there 🙂


Welcome to this little happy place called CinnamonPurl.


I’m Diana and ever since I first started a blog back in 2007 (mygurumi.blogspot.com) I loved sharing little bits and pieces on my knitting and crocheting. Most of the crocheting is Amigurumi and this also was the reason why I started blogging at all. I wanted to share my amigurumi with you, my readers. I received so many nice, funny and heartwarming comments over the years it encouraged me to continue with this blogging journey.

It even made me want to go bigger with my blog, and so my blog changed. I got more personal, included more of what’s actually me. I even moved it all onto this new site here – CinnamonPurl.com. If you want to read more on all the jazz about why I moved and what motivated me, you can read it here.


Another big step why I wanted a new blog was because I wanted to change my pattern system. So far I was selling my patterns through ravelry and etsy. But I have grown. I no longer only made amigurumi patterns, I also started writing knitting patterns and other crochet items. And I wanted to give them to my readers for free. I wanted something I could share a little different than before. Don’t get me wrong I do liked the little money I made from my patterns (it was always enough to order me sushi about once or twice a month) but as I have a day filling job, designing became more of a hobby with every year that went by.

And being a hobby I only published about 1 or maybe 2 patterns a year. Now that is not enough to be a “proper business lady” and it also contributed to the fact that I wanted to share my patterns for free.


I’m still working on uploading / updating all pattern pages with the new content, so please check the Pattern tab on the top of this page or just follow this link to find all my patterns listed.

Now please also take a minute to read through my FAQs. Because there you find all the info on how to deal with my patterns 🙂


If you ever make any of my patterns I’d love to see them. This was always one of the best things happening to me, an email with a picture of the things you made from my patterns. SO amazing to see that what came from my sometimes weird head actually made sense to someone else and they liked it 🙂

So either send me a mail  or share on social media with the #cinnamonpurl (or #mygurumi, cause I still look these up too )

I can be found on instagram, most if the time.


If you have any questions please leave me comment or send a mail (cinnamonpurl [at] gmail [dot] com),


hugs and kisses, Diana