and then everything changed.

He left me, just three days ago I was writing how our long distance relationship was working great, as we talked a lot on the phone or were video chatting and that I would finally see him this weekend. That I was looking forward it. I was happy.

And then he ditched me. Almost two and a half years gone. He met someone he said. A week ago. A week! And that he doesn’t want to cheat on me he said. That leaving me would hurt me so much more, he doesn’t understand.

I feel lonely and broken, like my world was gone. Like my life, my energy is gone. Yesterday he told me that there was a new girl. That he appreciated me so much, he doesn’t want to hurt me. He does. A lot!. I’m crying. My heart burns. Literally.

I feel like I’m dying. I feel sorry for the last post I wrote, of how well everything is. I feel sorry for the shirts that should have become a beautiful colorful filled with love blanket. A blanket that would keep us warm. Maybe even on those colder nights in Greece, when I would live there too. Now it’s all gone.

I’m crying. My heart burns. Literally.


to whom it may concern. Diana