my trip ended on saturday late afternoon and I spend the rest of the day, namely about nine hours on the train to get back home. On the train I didn’t crochet much, instead I have been reading. I also didn’t crochet or latch hooked anything while being in Aachen.

But yesterday I spend the day continuing on the mermaid that broke my nice green crochet hook. I made little alterations to the upper body and I am about to publish the pattern for her soon. Who would have known this one would be out before my little critters?
I also finished this lovely cute snail.

It’s a design of Beth Doherty, if you know amigurumi, you know her stuff, It’s awesome! She also has a few other patterns out and as she writes on her website there are more to come. I always loved her snails and was a bit disapointed to not find it in her book so I was even happier when I found her note on flickr about a pattern to come.
Ain’t it cute? and so small

Anyway today I spend the whole morning at the doctors office, I feel terribly sick. :o(