I actually wanted to name this post: “the inside of a hat” but now that I knitted already more than just the facing and got to knit more with the black yarn that’s making the actual hat I only find that knitting with black yarn is not nice, you don’t really see what you are doing! I’m glad I only knit stockinette otherwise I might have frogged it already. The yarn is merino and knits awesome, but I didn’t expect it differently =^__^=

btw. This is going to be a Prince hat for a friend of mine, a few days ago I found this cap on craft magazine and this friend of mine was screaming that he wants one – in black with a golden symbol! I don’t really use the pattern in the link above, I use a thinner yarn and of course thinner needles, I refinded the symbol chart (I found the original looked a bit . . . well unbalanced) and I’ll make a sewn shut facing (techknitter made a wonderful tutorial about this one).

In case you wonder about my snailigan – it grows, I finished the second sleeve and although I only increased a total of 6 more stitches, it fits a lot better. Now I’m about to frog (aka rip out) the first sleeve and worry about pilling and of course re-knit the first sleeve.


ooh, and don’t forget to get your copy of Betty Bat,
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