So this year will be the year I finally clean my house of all the wips and ufos. It’s decided. It will happen. It started already. It’s also the year of thinking before casting on. Yes thinking. Like do I need a new red cardigan? Yes I do! But – I will be disciplined and finish at least one from the ufo mountain before I start a new one. And so the year started and so it will go on. I’m positive.

Let’s have a look, shall we?


fo – dragon batad

CO September 2016 РBO Jan 3 2017, yarn madelinetosh Tosh Sock, dedicated post will follow

batad westknits in red and grey

fo – yellow cardigan

CO April 2015 – BO Jan 15 2017

the open the bind off again was a bit of a pain in the ass, but I love the result now. Here I also need some pics, wearing it, before I can show you ūüôā

yellow knit cardigan front

fo – spring cyclone

CO Jan 20 2017 – BO tomorrow (Feb 7 2017) well at least I hope so, I started the bind off before I felt like writing this and after washing and blocking the hat last night I cannot wait to wear it, it is sooo soft, almost like it’s not there at all, giving me shivers to touch it.

blue cyclone hat in progress


waiting¬†– gable, snailigan, baltic ripple (all ravelry links) all look at me saying “hello deary, you wanna play with me?” and they have this flirty eyes and wink and I want to play. And I feel the need to finish some other things before touching these. I get so responsible with age, am I not? *she who eats reese cups for dinner*


frogged –¬†doodler

I’ve made this and I loved this. But also it never was what it could be. My yarn choice was just wrong, much too thin, hence¬†the needles were wrong size¬†and the doodler has turned out too¬†small. Even adding two more sections didn’t do it any good. Well now the madelintosh is used to make a cyclone (see above) and is beautiful.

doodler shawl frogged yarn ball


Polygon blanket – CO Jan 07 2017

this will be a long term thing, I don’t feel¬†any pressure to finish it anytime soon. I’ve started it to use up the little balls I have left from other projects, so it really is a wait and go project. The hexagons are also nice travel-knits, which comes handy sometimes. We’ll see how long this will take.

knit hexagons colorful


After finishing the spring cyclone I will make a loop shawl, Malabrigo posted a picture the other day with their Rios yarn in colorway, Diana. Well it’s clear – if they take the time to name one of their yarns after me, I will take the time to knit it, right? As this will then also be my travel project, I want to start on one of the cardigans from the box, right now I feel like touching gable again. We’ll see. I find this list thing here rather stimulating..


everyone sleep tight, Diana