I’ve finished the sleeves and started the back, whoop whoop!

but to get there needed some math. I wanted to stick to the original shaping of the armholes for the sleeves and also for the back, the only problem: gauge.
My gauge is off and so I needed to calculate everything up to my gauge, so seven sts BO under the arms turned into eight sts in my version. The “real” hard nut to crack was the raglan decreases. I never made raglan before so I didn’t had any experience to profit from, and the fact that the pattern calls for decreases every second row for so and so many times and every other row for x number of stitches made me worry. Until I realized that in my gauge, thanks to my enormous row gauge, I could simply decrease two stitches (one left one right) every third row. Nothing more nothing less.

Also thanks to my “enormous” row gauge I can use most of the orignal pattern for the back. I can start with the pattern as it starts, only I’m mirroring rows 1 to 60. I will continue with row 103 and knit until the end. The ‘pattern crossing’ needed little manipulations for a leaf and one cable was eliminated. The drawn pattern looks pretty. I can’t wait to see it knitted.

BTW: my gauge is 14 sts and 22 rows per 4 inches, so my cardigan should have a final lenght of nearly 50 cm.