chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately, mostly bread but a few cookies too.

Today I want to share a chocolate chip cookie recipe I found by browsing pinterest. I was particularly looking for a nice chocolate cookie and first came across the one from the New York Times but I really couldn’t be bothered to let the dough rest in the fridge for one and a half days. When I want cookies I want them now. Well as soon as possible anyways. When baking bread I can wait, good bread takes its time. But with cookies it’s different.

Framed – May 2016 – a whole lotta knitting

so now we’ve done May as well. It’s christmas soon 😀 are you already wrapping up gifts? hehe, me certainly not. The weather just started changing to summer mood and I love that!


My May was filled with a looooot of knitting, starting with wanting something in honor of Prince, then waiting for the yarn to arrive and using the knitting spirits to finish a cardigan that I had flying around for about 12 months. The ends still need to be woven in and it needs blocking but other than that it’s finished (you know what I mean..)


sweet dreams and cookies

while waiting for Klara to pop up on this site again I though we might make some cookies as well, shall we?

When searching pinterest at the end of last year for some new cookies to try before christmas I came across these beauties. Then searching the german recipe, because it originates on a german blog I was just blown away. These cookies obviously went into blogosphere like crazy back in 2013 (one of the blogs that made them and the one I first found them on). Every german blog that was baking was making these. I – needed – to – try – them – ASAP

Easter Bunny bun rolls

Okay so pinterest is my latest addiction and I was rummaging it for some Easter ideas when I found these bun rolls. I also found this fail, But honestly? I think some people just want to make things fail. Anyways I gave them a try.


I didn’t find these to be hard to do. I used my favorite bread bun recipe and let the dough rise. Then I formed six balls and started cutting ears. To find the right angle though is tricky. My first try was too flat, but hey it’s only dough, I just reformed the ball and started over.


Now looking at my cute buns I think they are more like cats but they’re still cute and cheer the Easter mood.


Googling before I started also made me find this video on YouTube which I found very helpful. Molding the ears and eyes is a must-do. I used a chopstick for this part.
Also thinking about my buns I think next time I wouldn’t cut the dough all the way through for the ears, as the further rising made them shrink and also lift a little, which I needed to repair with the chopstick.


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend