berlin unicorn grafitti

Framed – Jan 2017 – the orange explosion

ha, I just realise how fitting todays title is in two kinda ways. My blog went through the roof, cause of my orange Cyclone hat and then there is the orange political thing. I don’t want to talk about that though. I’m only glad that a lot of people use the power they have as people. Democracy is people after all.

So, my January, right? Well first back to the orange theme. Oh my !!! I would have never ever believed that such a simple hat pattern would create such a hype. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It’s just so ridiculous! This blog has already over 40% of last years total visits. It’s January folks! January.. and more than 40% of people. It’s crazy. THANK YOU!!

lumix lx100

On the Lumix LX100 – a review, sort of

first things first, I’m not a professional review writer, I have no “professional” idea on the deep technologies of a camera, nor am I sponsored. I’m just a girl who likes to take pretty pictures, has used cameras for as long as she can remember (I’m not saying a number here, cause I don’t wanna feel old) and recognises great photography when she sees it.

So I come from DSLR, last two cameras where Nikon. I loved those, the pictures they made where awesome, but guess what, with mobiles being able to snatch good pictures on the go, nowadays I never had a Nikon in my bag. So the “real” picture taking was only special occasions with a big and heavy camera. And eventually the fire burning inside of me for

Framed – December 2016 – FaLalala

oh Hello 2017, you sneaked up quickly, didn’t you? I’m looking forward meeting you, bringing all of us your best and worst and fun and smiles and full bellies everywhere.

December ’16 was mixed with lots of faces for me and lots of knitting and lots of ‘oh gracious me’ moments when looking at my instagram, it exploded a little bit 🙂 well hello and welcome to my little world as well.

As December is the month of christmas, it so happens that there are christmas markets all over the

Framed – November 2016, spooky and knitting

November 2016, what a month huh?, well what a year right? 2016 is one of this years that never should have happened.. Now it’s first of December and soon the year will be over. Personally I can’t really complain much, not at all, but on a global level? gruesome, horrifying, frightful, shocking, unpleasant, disturbing, just to name a few.

Too many good people dying, and now the next “leader” of the western world will be a racist fake smile. Well. To me this is still unbelievable and I try to do best and help people as often as I can in my environment these days. Starting off with donating blood. I try to stay positive and keep my faith in humanity to stand tall and stay loud whenever needed. People have the power to change everything.

Framed – October 2016, the happy halloween edition

So happy Halloween!!

October was mainly rainy, a few good marvellous days of sun in-between. Overall a good month. Well actually a very good month. . .


I made egg salad with avocado! it’s the best, imagine a guacamole-egg-salad-sandwich, just the idea must make your mouths water. If not I believe there is something seriously wrong with you. Naaah just kidding, everyone can eat what they like 🙂