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lumix lx100

On the Lumix LX100 – a review, sort of

first things first, I’m not a professional review writer, I have no “professional” idea on the deep technologies of a camera, nor am I sponsored. I’m just a girl who likes to take pretty pictures, has used cameras for as long as she can remember (I’m not saying a number here, cause I don’t wanna feel old) and recognises great photography when she sees it.

So I come from DSLR, last two cameras where Nikon. I loved those, the pictures they made where awesome, but guess what, with mobiles being able to snatch good pictures on the go, nowadays I never had a Nikon in my bag. So the “real” picture taking was only special occasions with a big and heavy camera. And eventually the fire burning inside of me for

Tenerife for the win

the past three days I spent in or do you say on Tenerife? it’s an island, could be “on” then. Anyways, I’ve been visiting my boyfriend who’s currently living and working there and I squeezed in a short trip to see him. Thursday to Saturday. Planning to squeeze in a few more trips this summer and ticket prizes are more or less okay, I’d say. You need to be flexible with days though.

tenrife june 2016

tumblr anyone?

soooo, I just checked my statistics and was shocked how much traffic I had during the last days. Taking a look where it came from I found a lot of you guys are coming over from tumblr. And most of you took a closer look at Klara. I hope you like her 🙂

Is this a thing? I haven’t looked at tumblr before. I was believing it was just something like facebook.


Now that I tried to enter the site and found I can only browse there when joining, I joined. So now I’m on tumblr too.

hexis in a bag

can I have some tea please?

Good morning from my couch. The Mister is sick, he’s got the cold. He’s in bed coughing and sneezing and making all sorts of strange noises.

I could say he’s dying, cause you know how men are when they have a disease, any kind of disease, they are about to die a heroic death. And everyone should know. But not my mister. He’s different. He  wants to die alone. All he asks for is a cup of tea from time to time. He hates being pitied, so I don’t. I sit on the couch and crochet. I make more mini hexies for the fennel gratin.

mini hexagon crochet