piling .. or How I store my granny squares

since I’m making pretty good progress on my first granny blanket I thought I’d share something a lot of my visitors find quite amusing. My Leaning Tower of granny squares.


I first stored my grannies in a little box on the backrest of my sofa, then this box became too small. Should I start a new box? Or just throw them all in a bag? I wanted my grannies to lay flat and neatly so a bag was no alternative and so my leaning tower was born. Very simple my squares now pile on top of each other in the little box on the backrest of my sofa.


I just used two long strands of gardening wire, saved the ends, crossed them in their middle and bend in shape of the square. Putting the first squares on that wire thingy was a little difficult, the wires wouldn’t stand still, but with the first few on the frame it got easier and easier. Now this is what I got and it works wonders ^__^


how do you store your single squares?

my small dahlia – granny square pattern

as promised earlier I’m sharing my smaller version of the Dahlia granny square pattern by Joyce Lewis today.


I used three colors and this is also How I will write this pattern down. You can use only one color or even more than just three, that’s totally up to you. Also you’re choice of yarn and hook also depends on your tension while crocheting, so I’m not giving any advice here. I used Catania by Schachenmayr and an 3.5 hook (E). My version measures 2.25inches/8,5cm for each side. I’m enlarging my squares to be the size of the bigger squares in my blanket and also start to work the rest of the square on to sides only, this way the flower will be off-centered. This gives me some nice opportunities when putting them together later.


center color
1 – start by making a magic ring and chain 2 and work 9 hdc into the ring
pull the ring closed (it will leave a little whole, which I liked and also was reflected in the plain squares of my blanket)
2 – chain 3, and repeat *hdc1, chain1* nine times, close with a slst into the second chain (you should have 10 chain1 spaces now)
Bind off

flower color
3 – turn base and with wrong side facing attach new color and work *sc1, chain5, sc1* into the next ch1sp, in next ch1sp work *sc1, tr1, sc1* repeat both step four more times (you should have 5 bumps and 5 ch5sp) – close with slst
4 – turn and continue with right side facing, chain 1, now work 3 slst into each *sc1,tr1,sc1* and the following stitches into the ch5sp *hdc1, dc4, ch2, sc1 into last dc made, dc3, hdc1* close round with a slst. (you should have made 5 pointy petals seperated by 3 slst)
5 – now work behind the petals. chain 1. *ch2, sc1 [into bottom of a petal or between two petals], ch2* close with a slst. (you should have 10 ch2sp, the first one a little longer)
6 – keep working behind the petals. chain5, sc3 into next ch2sp, sc2 into next ch2sp. sc1 between two petals, repeat from chain5 and continue with sc into the ch2sp. only work one sc into the last ch2sp, don’t close the round with a slst
7 – work *dc5, ch2, sc1 into last dc made, dc4* into each ch5sp and anchor each petal with 1 sc between the sc3/sc2 of the former round, after making the last petal don’t use a sc but a slst to anchor the petal
8 – chain1, *ch3, sc1 into bottom of petal, ch3* around (again you should have 10 ch3sp)

change to background color, I like to just make a knot here and hide the yarn ends
9 – chain5, sc4 into next ch3sp, sc3 into next ch3sp. sc1 between two petals, repeat from chain5 and continue with sc into the ch3sp. only work one sc into the last ch3sp, don’t close the round with a slst
10 – work *tr1, dc4, ch2, sc1 into last dc made, dc3, tr1* into each ch5sp and anchor each petal with sc1 between the sc4/sc3 of the former round, after making the last petal don’t use a sc but a slst to anchor the petal
!!! when making this round it’s a good idea to anchor the inner petals of the flower. like this: when making the center dc of each petal, have a look at the inner petals, on the backside you can see two legs resulting from the sc that built the little pointy edge of the petal. use one of these legs and the ch5sp to create the center dc
11 – chain1, *ch4, sc1 into bottom of petal, ch4* around
12 – *chain1, into each following ch4sp work: [sc1, hdc1, ch1, hdc1, dc1]; [dc1, ch3, dc2, hdc1. ch1]; [hdc1, sc1, ch1, sc1, hdc1, ch1]; [hdc1, dc2, ch3, dc1]; [dc1, hdc1, ch1, hdc1, sc1]* repeat one more time.
13 – now start your classic granny pattern with dc clusters: ch3 move to next ch1sp and work dc3 into this ch1sp. ch1 and work dc3 into next ch1sp. Continue like this, in the corners (the ch3sp) work *dc3, ch3, dc3*.
!!! I’m anchoring the outer petals in this round using the dc stitches like pictured below

Abbreviation key:
hdc – half double crochet
ch – chain
ch1sp – chain 1 space
sc – single crochet
tr – triple crochet
dc – double crochet
slst – slip stitch

here you can see what the square looks like with one more round of dc clusters:


and this is what it looks like when being off-centered


hope you like this small Dahlia square and you give it a try. I have no idea if someone else is able to follow my pattern, since I’m not used to write patterns this way, maybe you like to give me feedback ^__^

happy crocheting


a little note on copyright:
– all my patterns will be available for free from now on (one after the other I will update this site to add all patterns I made so far)
– all my patterns will be posted on the blog in text form (this will take a few weeks until everything is up here, but will come
– it is not allowed to copy any text from this pattern to another website (please read here for further information)
– if you see any part of this pattern on another website please leave me a message
– thanks a lot
– I will start to provide PDF versions again as well sometime soon
(I will need to find a good way to create a donation ware based shop system, where you can pay what you feel appropriate for a pdf version of the above provided pattern) please also read herefor further information

froggin’ and preppin’

about being a perfectionist could also be the title of this post! Sometimes being a little too picky about my own stuff can be quite time consuming.. For my granny square afghan I’m using the Dahlia block pattern by Joyce Lewis** for the main flower, which is quite huge and so I went ahead and created a smaller version as well.

The smaller version contains only 5 petals in a round and I will publish this version here soon. BUT, yes there is a BUT and this makes me come to the point of the post, I made a little error on my first version, which was perfectly fine for me for the first eight squares I made. The little error wasn’t really anything to worry about and no-one; really not a single person would have noticed it, maybe not even if I would mention it. The little error made the flower bump up a little in the middle. And it was making me crazy. Not crazy enough to find a solution to it after the first square I made (because I was noticing this bumpiness after the first square I made) because I figured it might block out. Eight squares later it was nugging on me, it won’t block flat, it won’t block flat completely, no it won’t block completely even. So I finally tried to make some changes to my pattern, and of course I couldn’t leave the former eight squares as they were .. I WOULD SEE IT, I was sure of. So I frogged and frogged, and started over. And because I had a lot of teal yarn left over after every square I made, I made eight plain teal colored squares too. (which is good, I need them anyway) The good point of being a little too picky I guess, I’m always way faster when re-doing something than I was before. And using my “enthusiasm” I also started a few new flower bases..


so long, happy crocheting

**a little side note, I also made a few changes to the Dahlia pattern, linked above. you can find my alternations to the square here .. stupid perfectionism


my afghan grows .. even if you take it literally ^__^


and since I needed to order all the yarn for this new project and waiting for it to arrive felt like ages I even continued working on a blanket that’s been sleeping on my couch for nearly two years: the Eichenlaub which made me feel like a chipmunk

for the flower squares I used the Crocodile sticth blocks by Joyce Lewis, but I made some alternations to them and also created a smaller version with only 5 petals to make the smaller flower squares, which I’m thinking to add as a pattern to the database but would ask the designer of the original square first

cheerio, Diana