what I use in my journal

I love my journals.

I’ve been doing it for about three years now. Writing down what happened, taking notes, adding pictures, drawing. Being creative and having my own kind of project life at the same time.

I (like most kids) started journaling very young. But I never got a hang of it. I never knew what to write. I always felt kind of embarrassed somehow, maybe someone would read it. All my days felt the same, I stopped writing. I never had a journal for more than 6 months. Years later I found one of my old journal trials and smiled quite a bit for what I was writing about as a child. Especially one moment stayed in my head until today, in one summer me and one of my best friends arranged a funeral for a

and then a new year started

Hello my lovelies,

long time no see, right?
well to make a long story short, last summer I was bored of the internet, then I was busy applying for new position within my company, and whohhoooo I got the job! ­čÖé
In January I started the new job, better money, better evening times, but completely different schedule. I was working as a med rep and now I’m working from desk again, so completely different, but I love it!
And the real big bonus, I have free evenings again. As a med rep your day is quite nice when out and about and visiting your clients, but when you come home there’s still a lot of work waiting at your “home office”. I loved the fee spirit of my former position but OMG I so enjoy my evenings and sundays now. Nothing to do than cooking, family, friends and knitting.

journal update

it’s been a while, since I showed you my brand new fauxdori. I still use and love it a lot. But one little thing bothered me. On Friday night I finally did something about it:
I realized that I only needed two journals in there. As much as I love all these full stuffed, packed midoris /travelers notebooks I see online, I needed to be self-critic and confess, I need just two!
But putting two notebooks into a midori isn’t that easy. You can use an additional elastic to fix the second book to the first one, but that wasn’t my cup of tea, too floppy. So I changed the elastic on my notebook to a thinner one. I threaded the new elastic twice to mimic two elastics and therefore have

DIY – travelers notebook
<< den deutschen Post findet ihr weiter unten >>


so let’s make a travelers notebook today, shall we? I mentioned I made a midori style notebook the other day. I liked the midori the minute I first saw it, but didn’t like I couldn’t get the paper in a store. The original midori is a travelers notebook that’s become quite popular lately and I wanted one to fit regular moleskine notebooks. So I made one.

here you will see how I did it and that you can make it as well. It’s been very quick and satisfying to hold the finished piece within two hours.

What you’ll need: leather, about 2-3 mm thick, it should be sturdy enough to fold around a notebook and give it support. An utility knife and I recommend a metal ruler, a pencil and some elastic band.

first: measure out the size you will need for your notebook. I sized mine 21,5 cm x 28,8 cm to cover moleskine cahiers. I gave a little extra on top/bottom and to the sides to allow the leather cover to hug around my notebooks. Once you measured draw the outline onto the wrong side of your piece of leather (I got mine from ebay in case you wondered) and with the help of your metal ruler and knife cut it out. It takes a few cuts to get through leather, but it workes surprisingly well.


now let’s round the edges. If you don’t care about rounded edges, just skip this step. I tried a few coins to see how much curve I wanted for the edges and went for a 1 cent piece in the end. To cut the edge I didn’t cut in a long stroke like for the sides but pressed the utility knife down into the leather little bit by bit next to the coin. This made an interesting sound ^__^ and once I cut the edge of I cleaned it while still holding the coin firmly in place and now actually cutting along the coin with the knife, easy peasy


to punch the holes into the leather for the rubber band I used my handy hole puncher, you can use an awl of course as well. It’s the original leather tool to make holes. Just pushing a needle with the elastic through the leather might cause the leather to tear with time.
I marked 5 holes total, all along the middle of the leather. Two on top and bottom each and one in the middle.


I used a normal sewing needle and some extra thread to make a “artificial extra big” eyelet, pulled the elastic through this super big eyelet and pulled the elastic through the top and bottom holes of the leather cover like pictured below:


For my first notebook I made a classic knot, you can see the grey elastic below. With my second notebook (it was just so much fun, I had to make a second one) I made a different knot. It’s pictured in the red elastic and I let it open to take the picture. This type of knot is a lot flatter than the one I used for the gray elastic and therefore fits much better. (Both knots probably have fancy names but I don’t know them, if you do, please name them below in the comments section, thank you)
What you can also see in the pic below is that the elastic should cause some tension on the leather cover, this will flatten once you put a notebook inside and will help pulling the notebook into cover.


to finish it off I added a little piece of ribbon to the inner part of the elastic to work as a book mark and also made a loop out of a second piece of elastic which I pulled through the hole in the middle of the notebook cover. This will close your travelers notebook later. You can see the knot inside the notebook below and also how a moleskine looks once inserted.
(just open the notebook along the middle and pull it through the top elastic band, so the ‘upper’ part of the elastics will lay inside your notebook and the knotted part of the elastic lays between the notebook back and the leather, if you need more pictures on this step and also how to include more than one notebook, just leave me a comment)


that’s it! I told you it was pretty simple ^__^


Also lasst uns heute ein Reisenotizbuch machen, ja? oh je, Reisenotizbuch klingt ja auch toll, travelers notebook ist doch irgendwie cooler, naja ^__^
Ich bin ├╝ber das Midori gestolpert vor ein paar Wochen und war gleich verliebt, simple und funktionell, sowas wollte ich auch. Was ich allerdings nicht so toll fand war, dass ich die B├╝cher f├╝r das Midori nicht ├╝berall im Laden bekomme. Die Originalb├╝cher sind deutlich schmaler als unsere handels├╝blichen Notizb├╝cher. Also hab ich mir eins gemacht in dass ich einfach Moleskines legen kann, die gibt es ja inzwischen in praktisch jedem Buchladen.

Ein travelers notebook zu machen (entschuldigt, ich bleib hier bei englisch) geht ziemlich schnell und macht einen sehr zufrieden, so schnell Resultate zu sehen ist einfach sch├Ân

Was braucht ihr? ein St├╝ck Leder, ungef├Ąhr 2-3mm dick, ein Teppichmesser und ich empfehle ein Metalllineal dazu, was zum aufzeichnen und Elastikschnur.

und wie funktioniert’s nun?

zuerstmal hab ich mein Notizbuch ausgemessen und an allen Seiten ein klein wenig mehr Spielraum eingerechnet, so dass ich am Ende 21,5mm x 28,8mm auf die R├╝ckseite des Leders aufgemalt hab. Das ganze dann mit dem cutter Messer ausschneiden. Man muss ein paar mal dr├╝ber gehen ├╝ber das Leder, aber es schneidet sich erstaunlich gut.

Um die Ecken abzurunden hab ich einfach eine M├╝nze genommen und das Messer jetzt St├╝ck f├╝r St├╝ck ins Leder gedr├╝ckt. Schneiden klappt hier nicht so richtig, dazu ist der Winkel einfach zu klein. Aber dr├╝cken klappt ganz gut, klingt auch toll und zum Schluss hab ich dann noch vers├Ąubert indem ich mit dem Messer dann doch entlang der M├╝nze geschnitten hab, ganz leicht.

Dann markiert ihr die L├Âcher f├╝r das Gummiband. Je zwei oben und unten und eins in der Mitte. Alle entlang der Mittellinie des Lederst├╝cks. Ausgestanzt hab ich die dann mit meinem G├╝rtellochstanzer (original nimmt man eine Ahle, die hab ich aber nicht da)

So, und nun nur noch das Gummiband durch die L├Âcher fummeln, daf├╝r einfach eine Nadel nehmen, ein St├╝ck Faden rein und verknoten als extragro├če ├ľse und dann wie oben abgebildet durch die L├Âcher ziehen.

Verknoten. Nach meinem zweiten Versuch empfehle ich den Knoten in dem roten Gummiband nachzumachen, der liegt viel flacher im Notizbuch als der graue. (da gibt’s bestimmt tolle Namen f├╝r die jeweiligen Knoten, die kenn ich aber nicht, falls ihr die kennt, dann lasst mir doch einen Kommentar da)
ja und dann seht ihr oben noch, dass das verknotete Band das Buch unter Spannung setzen sollte. Die gibt sich sobald man ein Buch reintut und hilft nachher auch das Buch an Ort und Stelle zu behalten.

Noch ein St├╝ck Schleifenband als Lesezeichen oben dran und eine Schlaufe aus dem Gummiband durch das Mittelloch ziehen (ihr seht den Knoten in der Mitte auf dem letzten Bild) und fertig. Notizbuch mittig aufschlagen, durch die obere Gummibandschlaufe ziehen und tata!

Falls ihr doch noch Bilder braucht wie ihr die B├╝cher reinbekommt, und wie man mehr als ein Notizbuch ins travelers notebook kriegt, dann gebt mir einfach in den Kommentaren Bescheid.


that’s it for today, have a great weekend, Diana