2019 – starting fresh

to be honest I don’t really know where to start. I haven’t blogged or written anything really during the last year. I missed my journal for example and took some notes and thoughts here and there but didn’t put them in the right place, into my actual journal. And now I feel this weird pressure of making everything right – even when understanding about six or seven years ago, when I first started to write a journal that there is no pressure, that I don’t have to write every single day, that I don’t need to be creative every single day. That having a journal means to use it when I need it.


what I use in my journal

I love my journals.

I’ve been doing it for about three years now. Writing down what happened, taking notes, adding pictures, drawing. Being creative and having my own kind of project life at the same time.

I (like most kids) started journaling very young. But I never got a hang of it. I never knew what to write. I always felt kind of embarrassed somehow, maybe someone would read it. All my days felt the same, I stopped writing. I never had a journal for more than 6 months. Years later I found one of my old journal trials and smiled quite a bit for what I was writing about as a child. Especially one moment stayed in my head until today, in one summer me and one of my best friends arranged a funeral for a

and then a new year started

Hello my lovelies,

long time no see, right?
well to make a long story short, last summer I was bored of the internet, then I was busy applying for new position within my company, and whohhoooo I got the job! 🙂
In January I started the new job, better money, better evening times, but completely different schedule. I was working as a med rep and now I’m working from desk again, so completely different, but I love it!
And the real big bonus, I have free evenings again. As a med rep your day is quite nice when out and about and visiting your clients, but when you come home there’s still a lot of work waiting at your “home office”. I loved the fee spirit of my former position but OMG I so enjoy my evenings and sundays now. Nothing to do than cooking, family, friends and knitting.

journal update

it’s been a while, since I showed you my brand new fauxdori. I still use and love it a lot. But one little thing bothered me. On Friday night I finally did something about it:
I realized that I only needed two journals in there. As much as I love all these full stuffed, packed midoris /travelers notebooks I see online, I needed to be self-critic and confess, I need just two!
But putting two notebooks into a midori isn’t that easy. You can use an additional elastic to fix the second book to the first one, but that wasn’t my cup of tea, too floppy. So I changed the elastic on my notebook to a thinner one. I threaded the new elastic twice to mimic two elastics and therefore have