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another 365

365 days sounds a lot. It is a lot!

For me it certainly is. Especially the last 365 days were lot! I can tell you. After the disaster with my (meanwhile) ex last year, and even more difficult times with him, we got back together, everything seemed fine, now we’re separated and it’s all good. Very good from that point in my life 🙂

Actually I never felt better than right now, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m thankful for every moment that I spent. Life is too short for waiting, too short to waste it. Life is great and it must be shared, with love and happiness as they multiply when you share them. Also share the hard moments and tears (there were a lot in the last 365 days) but they start to vanish when you share them.

Tenerife for the win

the past three days I spent in or do you say on Tenerife? it’s an island, could be “on” then. Anyways, I’ve been visiting my boyfriend who’s currently living and working there and I squeezed in a short trip to see him. Thursday to Saturday. Planning to squeeze in a few more trips this summer and ticket prizes are more or less okay, I’d say. You need to be flexible with days though.

tenrife june 2016

doodle drops

Framed March 2016 . looking back to see what’s next

Aprils Fools Day, and this is no joke, didn’t we just start this year? wasn’t there still snow like a week ago? I mean Christmas snow?

Today I look back at March and feel like it was a good month and it was a long month, quite a normal month. But then I remember when the month was just about to start and it overwhelmed me as I was looking ahead and saw so much to do in front of me. March was one of the craziest months this year. I already know. I have been to four countries in just two weeks. So many business trips in a row a new record for me.

header february

Framed February 2016 – instagram recap

February came and even brought an extra day this year. More fun right?

my February was filled with lots of stuff, crochet, journal, makeup, sooo crazy weather, but see for yourself:

starting the month with more free patterns on my site here. And since it was almost Valentines Day, sharing the #popheart pattern again was a big hit amongst you, lots of kisses to you 🙂

I also received new washi and created a page in advance, I still love it.