the cyclone hat – a knitting recipe

did you ever put on a sleeve and it was twisted and you couldn’t get through? or tights? these are just prone to twist and make you a hard time pulling them up. This twist however was the idea for the Cyclone hat – I wanted something with a twisted crown and I started knitting and it actually worked the way I felt it might! whoop whoop.

Super big plus with Cyclone: you don’t increase or even decrease.

Extra big plus: it’s double layered, which means it’s warm. I like that. Oh and this also makes two hats in one, you can reverse it!

I prefer to call this pattern a recipe, as I feel like I want you to understand the idea behind this hat, so

Pumpkindle – the pattern – a halloween amigurumi doll

it’s October which means leaves are falling, crisp under your feet, pumpkins are big and ready to be loved. Soups, baked with some rosemary from the oven, carved, lanterns – anything goes.

So does this little fellow, still some leaves on his head and a bright smile on his face Pumpkindle is ready to have a party.

Cute and quick crochet, just in time for Halloween.

Frosting – a hat pattern

so this fair isle pattern really walked a long road, read about it here and here

But now it’s finished and I’m in love. Maybe you will fall in love as well, as who would not love a good portion of frosting?
nice soft cream gently swirling, but wait – it’s not swirling around a good cupcake, it’s wrapping your hat.

This pattern is fantastic for all those self coloring/striping yarns with a long color repeat. I’ve used the same color way twice, it’s Lousia Hardings Amitola yarn in color way 113.

Eves little whirlwind

in hard times you get to know which of your friends are actually your friends and which are not. One of my friends stood out during the last weeks and I dediced I wanted to thank her somehow. It came very handy that she called for a new hat as the nights are already very very cold here and she didn’t want to have cold ears after her sport sessions.
I almost yelled at her to let me make this hat. She gave me yarn and I started. I browsed through some of her pins and faves on ravelry and started to have a good idea of the kind of hats she liked.

I started and came up with this pattern.

I’m calling it :

Eves little whirlwind