Summer 2015 – life is really crazy, REALLY !!

indeed life is crazy. I’ve found a pin the other day saying something like “even if this summer was full of worries and troubles it might still be the best summer of your life” and this fits my last months just perfectly.
the boyfriend chaos – then I got quiet. – a little soul left my life
all in all these last weeks have taught me a lesson. One that you hear so often, one that is so clear.

Framed June 2015 – life is crazy

so, since my last post a few things happened.

My life was broken into pieces, well at least my heart was. And him and I kept talking. Actually we talked for hours every day. In these two or three hours I felt good. I felt normal.

And the more he spoke about her, the more I realized I still stood a chance. That our love stood a chance. I didn’t give up. We kept talking about us, about just normal things, every day life stuff, it felt