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chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately, mostly bread but a few cookies too.

Today I want to share a chocolate chip cookie recipe I found by browsing pinterest. I was particularly looking for a nice chocolate cookie and first came across the one from the New York Times but I really couldn’t be bothered to let the dough rest in the fridge for one and a half days. When I want cookies I want them now. Well as soon as possible anyways. When baking bread I can wait, good bread takes its time. But with cookies it’s different.

one pinteresting question

hey there folks. So I’m sitting in bed right now (I know sexy, wait it gets better) with a terrific flu. (hell sexy right?)

And the last two days were spent sleeping or coughing or drinking tea or holding my head in pain because of all the ugly stuff that’s clogging it. And I was hoping to put in a bit of knitting, and I did put in a bit of knitting. Like 4 rows yesterday and 2 rows today. That’s not much. Not. At. All.

Instead I was either on my phone rading blogs or on instagram or on my ipad on youtube or pinstagram, I mean Pinterest (but wouldn’t a pinstagram be cool?)

Anyways, the question is: How do you keep track of all your pins?