on customs, coughs and spinning

I don’t really know where to start because there happened so much since the weekend, so I just start at the beginning:
Coming home from work two days ago I found a note in my letter box: please come by and see your local customs, we have something for you; yipeeyeah my spinning wheel, I knew it was my mother marion, it was my only remaining “christmas gift” =) but their business hours already passed so I couldn’t really do anything besides listen to poor sweetheart, who has a bad cold. And I decided to pack a little ‘get well package’ for him and to mail it right after being at the customs yesterday.

Finishing work a little earlier than normal I started my way into nowhere: the customs office is at a very weird end of the world:

what lay behind – hmmmm

what was in front, the little white building is the office – even more hmmm

but the customs officers were really kind people, I had to explain what this kind of spinning wheel is being used for, since it doesn’t look like any spinning wheel they knew, and when they decided it was a spinning tool and I had handed them the invoice and my paypal print out, I “only” had to pay customs duties (nineteen percent – wow)
and I went home, luckily with my new toy tucked under my arm and a little worried since I still needed to mail the get well package.
Coming home I found another note in my letter box that reminded me of what date it was, oops the 17th of june, there was something important on this day: which was the appointment I had with the chimneysweepers. Only one hour left before they would be here and I had to go to the post office (get well mail) and clean up my place, when I’m sewing there so much lying on the floor, one could call it a real mess, not something you show off to strangers, so speeding up everything.
Taking a few bad snippets with my camera of one of the things I added to boyfriends package (I can’t really tell you anything about it, since he’s reading my blog, but it’s crochet and I will add as soon as he received the package and I will add it as a free pattern, just a little thing to bring joy to the world ^-^)

coming home again, thirty minutes left before the sweeps were coming, vacuum cleaning everything, washing the dishes, and hiding mountains of yarn (not that it would embarrass me, but it was a huge untidy mountain).

when they left I fell back onto the couch, saw my customs package again and unwrapped it once more. I started a try on it and it works great (as far as my little experience can tell), but I figured I would stop and try again later, my first yarn looks more like a felted string than yarn

and besides that I didn’t do much, I knitted a few more rows on my waterfall stockings, but that’s really all and not worth a new picture, I don’t think it looks any different that last time I showed you.

scorpion christmas

more scorpion, you guessed right, my poisonous pal is a scorpion (of course, the sting was unmistakable)
now scorpi has got claws as well, it only needs a couple of legs and eyes and a NAME. people are making suggestions on my flickr and ravlery pages, but so far it didn’t really struck me, a name that said, ‘Hy my name is (place apropriate name here) and I am a poisonous but huggable scorpion‘, do you know what I mean?
normally I look at my new creature and it automatically says it’s name to me, but with scorpi it’s somewhat different. maybe due to the fact I posted on it before it’s finished, and it couldn’t tell me it’s name because (of course) it’s got no face yet


**still thinking on names**

and some more christmas presents arrived :o)

new yummi batts

lovely orange with dark greens

and delicious blackberry with fine pink shades


and also more to read:

a little bit like christmas

today three packages were waiting for me when I came home from work, yeah packages, gifts, presents, christmas for me, me, me ^_^
and opening I found this

WOLLMEISE, oooooh, **drool**
Frosch and Rhabarber
the lovely Claudia offered to get me some, when going to see (she saw!!!) the Wollmeise on a yarn market near her and look what she brought me

oooh, drooling little bit more

and also the spinning can begin now, well almost, since I don’t have roving yet, BUT, today I also received my first book on spinning, it’s full of pictures (which should have been quite obvious, since it’s called teach yourself VISUALLY spinning) and I think very useful

and my new niddy noddies and a nostepinde, so I can wind my new yarn in whatever I like, yeah

Also I finished flower potty, FINALLY
can’t believe this took so long, well the actual crocheting was finished some time ago (think about the beginning of may) but assembling is really something that stops me from finishing, I just don’t like it and get distracted too easily with new projects, but it’s finished now, pictures will follow tomorrow, when it’s better light. And also a very useful tip: don’t forget to stuff the full lenght of your stems before you sew them to the earth ball, otherwise (I learned just now) you a) can un-sew it from the earth or b) like I did, push stuffing through the little holes between the crochet stitches very carefully

it wasn’t me . . .

. . . who ordered yarn and books and roving and niddy noddy and nostepinne and god knows what else.
No it must have been someone else because I feel incredible innocent about it. Last night before I went to bed I thought maybe that was a little bit too much, but I feel innocent. It all started on friday when I finally ordered 1.5 kg of the finest wool/silk in three different colorways. One will definitly be for a cardigan that’s buzzing through my head for a couple of weeks now. And the other two, mmmh, another cardi or maybe a pullover, we’ll see. And then the insanity continued, saturday morning I was wandering around the internet and can’t really remember how it started but I found spindles and then I found roving and batts and then I thought maybe I should read a little bit more before ordering stuff. So I went over to ravelry and cruised the boards over there, there are a lot if spinning groups and spindlers and all sorts of information and before I could say stop to myself I ordered two niddy noddys and a nostepinne (I have no idea how to pronounce this one) from a lovely little shop from germany.
Oh stop, I think it all started with a mother marion kick spindle I found on etsy (ford4him), allthough I don’t remember how I got there in the first place, maybe due to my search on wpi tools. Nevertheless it didnt stop there, so I started searching etsy on rovings and spindles, I have a drop spindle already but didn’t like the way I needed to stop all the time plus it hurt my back immediatly, maybe I’m doing something wrong. So I found rovings, a whole lotta rovings . . .
I went back to ravelry, I needed more info on how to work with roving, I mean I never spinned before so how would I know and I searched for books and I found some and I ordered two: first The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning and second Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning from Judith MacKenzie McCuin, this should be here tomorrow afternoon. Also this week there should arrive my new niddy noddy (I kinda like this word, niddy noooddy), the roving (isn’t it sooo cute and cuter?) should be here next week as well, coming from the USA and my yarn (the wool/silk one that started this chain reaction) also should arrive soon
anything else? oh god I’ve forgotten if there is something else, well there is this kick spindle I don’t know if I want to spend the money for, since the shipping itself will be 36USD

and because I don’t know if I could stop myself I’ll be off brunching in a few minutes and celebrate world childrens day ^_^