2019 – starting fresh

to be honest I don’t really know where to start. I haven’t blogged or written anything really during the last year. I missed my journal for example and took some notes and thoughts here and there but didn’t put them in the right place, into my actual journal. And now I feel this weird pressure of making everything right – even when understanding about six or seven years ago, when I first started to write a journal that there is no pressure, that I don’t have to write every single day, that I don’t need to be creative every single day. That having a journal means to use it when I need it.

it’s working again

yay!!!! a few weeks ago I updated this page, wnated to add some info on data protection, yadda yadda and peng all was white and was unwilling and unable and than unwilling again to keep on working to fix it. Do you don’t hate the computer sometimes? darn…

but hey, I finally got it to work again. I have a few things on my list for this page 🙂 so keep an eye out

have a great week ahead

lumix lx100 closeup

Lumix LX100 2.0 – an update

I’m still sooo amazed and excited with my camera, just to start off.

The other day a friend of mine asked me if I would recommend my camera (yes). He has an older Lumix version and is thinking about getting a new one. Maybe the LX100.

He had several questions, like

– is it “handy” enough? so I guess, small, easy/fast to use, maybe with one hand only..

– is it fast enough?

it is just not right

I started and finished a cowl.

Right now I am looking for another knit. Something smaller, at least in the beginning, that I can carry around, take on trips. So I’m shopping my stash and find not only a surprisingly good amount of yarn to choose from, but also more WIPs. not-fair. I thought I listed all in my last busted post. But no, there is also the mini hexagon table cloth I started about a year ago and the dotted rays by westknits, which I realize just now I never shared before. Although that one was quite a bitch! Beautiful knitting

Busted – 1st edition

So this year will be the year I finally clean my house of all the wips and ufos. It’s decided. It will happen. It started already. It’s also the year of thinking before casting on. Yes thinking. Like do I need a new red cardigan? Yes I do! But – I will be disciplined and finish at least one from the ufo mountain before I start a new one. And so the year started and so it will go on. I’m positive.

Let’s have a look, shall we?


fo – dragon batad

CO September 2016 – BO Jan 3 2017, yarn madelinetosh Tosh Sock, dedicated post will follow