another 365

365 days sounds a lot. It is a lot!

For me it certainly is. Especially the last 365 days were lot! I can tell you. After the disaster with my (meanwhile) ex last year, and even more difficult times with him, we got back together, everything seemed fine, now we’re separated and it’s all good. Very good from that point in my life ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually I never felt better than right now, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m thankful for every moment that I spent. Life is too short for waiting, too short to waste it. Life is great and it must be shared, with love and happiness as they multiply when you share them. Also share the hard moments and tears (there were a lot in the last 365 days) but they start to vanish when you share them.

tumblr anyone?

soooo, I just checked my statistics and was shocked how much traffic I had during the last days. Taking a look where it came from I found a lot of you guys are coming over from tumblr. And most of you took a closer look at Klara. I hope you like her ๐Ÿ™‚

Is this a thing? I haven’t looked at tumblr before. I was believing it was just something like facebook.


Now that I tried to enter the site and found I can only browse there when joining, I joined. So now I’m on tumblr too.

12 of 12

in the German blogosphere there is this picture challenge going on for several months now. Maybe even longer. And I always felt like ‘I want to do this too’ but always forgot about it, when it was about time. The thing with this challenge is to do it in the 12th of each month. To take 12 pictures and to share them on your blog.

Now everytime I was reminded of this challenge was on the evening of the 12th .. and taking 12 pictures during the days normally does not happen. EVER.