12 of 12

in the German blogosphere there is this picture challenge going on for several months now. Maybe even longer. And I always felt like ‘I want to do this too’ but always forgot about it, when it was about time. The thing with this challenge is to do it in the 12th of each month. To take 12 pictures and to share them on your blog.

Now everytime I was reminded of this challenge was on the evening of the 12th .. and taking 12 pictures during the days normally does not happen. EVER.

doodling on and on and on

and on.

my doodler grows, even though a lot slower than most of the others I see on instagram (most of them already finished clue 4!!)

I needed to add more wedges to my doodler when I wanted to be able to wear it some day, indeed it was smaller – so I added wedge 18 and 19 and when I finished these I decided to add even more. I wanted one that I was really able to drape over my shoulders. I want to wear it at work when the office gets a bit chillier.

And it turned out that adding 4 further wedges was a good decision (21 in total), it was really a looot of extra stitches but worth AND (and this is pretty cool) it made adapting for clue 2 a lot easier too!


all I needed to do was skip cable 1, that’s all 🙂

and looking at the cable repeat it will be easy to adapt them as well (if you know the pattern you know what I mean, I don’t want to spoil too much here)

Now I hope to start with clue 3 on the weekend and that adapting this to my doodle will be as simple as well 🙂

hugs, Diana



mein doodledings wächst und wächst 🙂

er wächst langsam, denn er war tatsächlich sehr viel kleiner als alle seine Namensfreunde. Die kleineren Nadeln machen dann doch einiges aus. 

Ich hab erst Sektion 18 und 19 dran gemacht und dann gefunden, dass 21 noch besser sein werden. Ich denke sogar, dass 21 mit Nadel 3.25 mm genauso groß sind wie die 17 aus dem Original.

Naja, das waren mächtig viele extra Maschen und wie sich zeigen sollte, war das sogar eine sehr gute Entscheidung. Denn so konnte ich einfach Kabel 1 überspringen ohne dass ich sonst etwas anpassen musste. 

Jetzt mach ich die Kabel und denke diese an meine Doodlelänge anzupassen wird recht einfach sein, da der Rhythmus simpel ist, wenn ihr die Anleitung habt, dann wisst ihr was ich meine, ich will hier nicht zu viel verraten.

Ich hoffe am Wochenende mit Clue 3 anzufangen und dass das Anpassen hier auch recht einfach von statten gehen wird.


schönes Wochenende 🙂 Diana

eat knit sleep

that’s what my vacation this year was looking like. No work just fun.

The weather was awesome here as well 🙂 I’ve been on Rügen, an island in the very north east of Germany. It’s been cold and golden outside. In the mornings I went running, the rest of the day was filled with knitting and movies from the hard drive of my mac, more or less 😉 I did leave the house as well.

Summer 2015 – life is really crazy, REALLY !!

indeed life is crazy. I’ve found a pin the other day saying something like “even if this summer was full of worries and troubles it might still be the best summer of your life” and this fits my last months just perfectly.
the boyfriend chaos – then I got quiet. – a little soul left my life
all in all these last weeks have taught me a lesson. One that you hear so often, one that is so clear.