I’m thinking of calling these bloody waterfalls, just because of the color (this oh sooo beautiful dark red color, somehow like cherries but so much deeper, love it), but I guess this is a little too morbid for me, so they’re just ‘normal’ waterfalls, nevertheless, casted on yesterday and almost made it about 10 cm / 4″ into the patern. Love how the color works on this pattern, and am curious what they will wear like.
Also it’s my first attempt on magic loop, at first I had some serious difficulties with handling the two balls of yarn and the needles, everything seemed to get entangled all the time, but it’s getting better and also my worries of having ladders (which I don’t have with DPNs) now seem all forgotten: they’re just not there! =) even without any extra tugs and stuff, actually I figure it’s pretty helpful to give a little less tension on the first two stitches.

btw when searching google and ravelry for tips and tricks on magic loop I came across ML, which soooo much more reminds me of Mona Lisa, instead of Magic Loop