wow! in order to update my pattern portfolio and finally make it available for free I’ve just started by counting them. I have already made 36 patterns. 36! can you believe it? I never thought it would be that many, NEVER! there are 4 with them that I didn’t publish yet, but that you’ve seen pictures of, like this fly or the clownfish with two different fins.
but 36 this overwhelms me a little, I think it will take a little bit longer than I thought to update (i.e. crochet to check the pattern, re-stylize every pattern and make a new post). I am going to start with easter related things, as this i probably into season right now 😉
But to start I want to write a few things about copyright and answer a few questions I received over the last years.

This blog is the sole intellectual property of by Diana Buss aka mygurumi. Diana Buss aka mygurumi makes no guarantee regarding your ability to access this website or it’s content. 
You MAY NOT claim any works on this blog to be your own.
1)  can I share your pattern with my friends?
well, yes and no.
Now that all patterns will be free to use, please respect my copyright and link to the pattern page you love or just a general link to this blog: So don’t copy and paste my patterns, I’ve put a lot of brain, sweat and time in them 🙂 Share your love by crediting me as the author.
2)  can I sell dolls I made from your patterns?
I suppose you’re not going into mass production and I know how long it takes to make a doll, so yes, assuming you’re making limited amounts of them, go ahead.
Please also credit me as the designer
Also it is not allowed to use my pictures to sell dolls made by you. Please always take pictures of your work to sell items.
3)  can I translate your patterns?
if you want to translate my patterns for your own work, yes go ahead if it makes it easier for you to work with them.
if you want to translate my patterns to share with your audience, please ask me. I sure will say yes, but I want to read your blog or facebook, or wherever you want to share 🙂 Please always link back to the pattern page you want to translate and to this blog.
I might ask you to share your translation here as well.
4)  can I sell / trade your patterns?
of course not.
5)  can I alter your patterns and sell them?
of course not.
Most questions to altering my patterns regard the size of my dolls. It’s pretty difficult to re-size my pattern as I put a lot of unusual shaping techniques in them so you probably won’t be able to resize them anyway. My helpful answer always was to use a different yarn and hook size to get different size effects. I will provide a tutorial on this soon.
6)  can I use your pictures on my blog?
Yes and No.
All images, photos are intellectual property of me 🙂 you may not alter them and upload to social P2P (peer to peer) sites such as Picasa under any circumstances.
All pictures you want to use on your personal blog must link back to their source (this blog) and must stay unaltered. You may also want to add an additional link, so viewers can return to the website.
7)  will your patterns remain “free”
for the time being: YES.
I see this blog and making patterns as a hooby. I don’t intend to live from them. If ever this might change I might change the “free” status of my patterns as well. (but don’t worry I don’t think something like this will happen anytime soon)
8)  how can I contact you?
well, there’s a couple of ways:
One would be to leave a comment.
An easy way would be via email: cinnamonpurl [at] gmail [dot] com
or via any of my social sites: instagram, google+ or twitter