so I’m ill and in bed. No knitting but a little crocheting.
I made one more of my “little animals”. It started as a fox and now I have something that is going to be a mouse, I think there will be one or two other little animals as well, like a monkey or a giraffe.

to talk a little about Sylvi, I’m about to start neckline shaping at the fronts, but the numbers make my head blur at the moment, also I think I will need to add some rows and also decreases at the arms and back, because the pattern is written for a hood and I want to go with a tighter ribbed collar.

oh, and I made cookies two days ago:

I call them cristmas pillows, they were inspired by the vampire cookies from baking bites. I used the dough, only with 1/2 cup more flour. The filling is a ganache made from cream and the double amount of chocolate with roasted and chopped almonds and cinnamon and coriander.