is difficult.

I mentioned that I plan a new cardigan for myself. I got inspired when I saw an old episode of gilmore girls and Lorelai wearing a simple blue cardi that was tied up in the front instead of using a button. It had 3/4 sleeves – and that was what caught my attention – 3/4 sleeves are perfect for summer and it still doesn’t seem like turning winter very soon so I figured I could need a new summer cardigan.

On first instinct I only knew 3/4 sleeves, simple button, low cleavage, not that low though (I have one storebought cardigan that my boobs always fall out off, and it’s pretty annoying to always check the fit of your wardrobe)

Planing began – what would I like more than just 3/4 sleeves? something simple, a quick knit, maybe a bit lacy but still looking like stockinette at first glance and adding some embroidery after I finished, maybe some flowers or something similar. I started swatching but didn’t like the base stitch I choose and thought why not stockinette? just because it’s boring? no!, I’m a better kniter meanwhile, I will not stop a project just because the stitch doesn’t keep my attention alive (like I used to when I was 15 years old) – mmmh, what else? maybe an interesting stitch inbetween? some cables? some lace columns? and I started thinking about adding a second color, a yellow, because blue and yellow go well together, so I thought striping, but making colored sketches made me see, that this is not what I want. I jumped into ravelry looking for ideas and came across fair isle – why not fair isle?

And there I am at the moment planing a fair isle cardigan, I still don’t want the whole project to be fair isle, cause I know I’m still not that good of a knitter (something this big – especially with 3 mm needles – will stop me at some point). Right now I plan a fair isle waistband and maybe some snails that border it above. I always loved the snails you can find at the Norwegian Snail Mittens by Adrian Bizilia (both ravelry links) but knew I wouldn’t actually make or wear them, but in a cardigan? I definitely would.

So far my plan until today, lets see what my mind works like when I receive the new sets of needle I ordered two days ago . . .