I didn’t hurt myself but I hurt my wallet and my future spare time. I haven’t bought any new yarn for ages, and I mean ages (a few month if not a whole year at least) and then I got sick and started to browse the interwebs and ravelry and found new patterns I’d like to make some day and then I started to buy yarn. Not for specific projects or any specific purpose. I saw beautiful yarn in a shop and thought of a simple stripe cardigan, maybe a Goodale.


Then I went to a little stitch’n’bitch and we all went to a yarn shop and whoops, new yarn in my shopping bag. I had no idea what this two little mini skeins once would be, I just loved the colors:


browsing ravelry and it’s “search for certain yardages in patterns” function I found Zuzu’s petals and think it will be perfect for the yarn above. I also got my very first Zauberball, which I still need to find a project for, so long I will admire it.


yesterday I’ve been to a knit meeting again and someone had Madelinetosh in her pocket she wanted to sell. I fell in love with the color (again) and needed to have it. Again searching the ravelry search function (I live this!) I came across Drift away and needed to buy the pattern immidiatly…


someone please stop me, I don’t want to start so many projects when I have a few already on my needles and hooks.

Do you suffer from “startitis” as well?