some little inspriraion for your Christmas party today


I found these while searching the webs and liked them immediately

the strawberries are such a cute idea! just cut the top and add some cream or even white chocolate whipped up, yumm! (got the picture from a friend

OMG – I found these table stockings aka napkin rings via instagram, what a fantastic idea is this? I’m sure if you know how knit, knit socks and knit cables you can knit these even without a pattern

if I only knew about this method a few years ago {sigh} – I glued little balls onto a wreath and it was tons of money back then, this is sooooo easy and sooooo beautiful at the same time (source)

do you have a dog? I haven’t but if I had I certainly would make this stocking for him or her (I think I would have a him, but I have no ideas about dogs, I like pugs) (source)


oh and there is still one set of patterns to catch if you can guess yesterdays window correctly, two lovely ladies already made this sweetie and guessed it ^__^

all three winners are found, it is a cupcake, I will show some pictures tomorrow