today I want to share something that changed my knitting-life. It was a true gift to me and I want to give this “present” to you as well.

a few weeks, even month ago I read about the invisible join on ravelry, it described a braided join and since I tried it I never looked back!. I hate {HATE} sewing in ends, there are sweaters still sleeping somewhere in a box for at least five or six years that never got finished because of the ends that would need sewing in. {sigh}

Not so many years ago I fell in love with the russian join, which requires a needle but works beautifully. It’s pretty well known so I guess you know it too. Only thing with it, is the needle, sometimes you just don’t have one with you. This “new” join solves this issue. It’s super durable, easy and can be done with ANY yarn you use, well I guess a reaaaaally thin single ply will be problematic but how often do we really use “floss” for knitting?

Anyways, this join is awesome you should give it a try, but have a looki for yourself:

happy December 5th!,
Diana ♥


please bare with me, it was the first time I made a video AND talked in it, my voice is awkward and the sound quality isn’t the best at all times, I tried to edit it as best as I could, but I think in some sequences I’ve just been so concentrated I just didn’t speak loud enough, but I think you can see what I’m doing o.O