what is THE thing that every winter makes a winter?



I made a few crocheted snowflakes:



the one on the upper left is made from this pattern and the one on the upper right from this pattern. I especially liked the one on the left, it’s super quick and very pretty. I made several from different yarn weights and also with two strands held together to get a few different sizes.


the next two are made from scratch and I wrote down the pattern as I went:



sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
ch6 – chain as many stitches as the number says, it this exp it’s 6
tr – treble crochet
slst – slip stitch
P2 – chain2, slst into 2nd chain from hook
P4 – chain 4, slst into 4th chain from hook




chain 5, join with a slst to form a ring
1__ chain6 (counts as dc and ch3), [1dc in ring, chain3] 9 times, join with slst to 3rd ch of ch6
2__ slst in ch3sp, chain1, [(sc1, ch7, sc1) in ch3sp, sc2 in next ch3sp] x5, join with slst to 1st slst
3__ ch1, [miss next sc, (sc2, p4, dc3, tr2, p4, tr2, dc3, p4, sc2) all in ch7sp. miss next sc, sc2] x5, join with a slst to first chain




chain 6, join with a slst to form a ring
1__ ch4, (dc1, ch2) x5, join with a slst into 2nd chain of beginning ch4
2__ ch1, sc1 into next sp, [(ch4, sc1, ch1, sc1) into next sp] x5, ch4, sc1 into beginninh ch1 and join with a slst
3__ ch1, sc1 into next st, [(sc2, P2, sc1, P2, sc1, P2, sc2) into ch4sp, sc1 into ch1sp] x6, BO with a slst

let it snow!
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