oh boy, I admit it I lost this place for a few weeks but to defend myself I’m pretty surprised how much there is to do when you’re moving into a new city, seeing friends, organizing the moving, checking dates with the old and the new flat, sleeping all day 😉

I didn’t knit much, I started a new pair of gaiters but am only half way through so there’s not much to see yet and I don’t have a picture.

I found myself in a very typical situation for any knitter but weird situation for anybody else: last week at the sport studio when finshed and dressing again there was a lady with a super cool pair of tights and guess what I loved the pattern so much I asked if I could take a picture with my mobile (I didn’t ask where she bought them or started with a compliment, nope I asked right away if I could take a picture of her leg). The tights were store bought but the pattern seems easy to be re-knit. And she let me take a picture! woo-hoo! here’s a peak:

love the butterfly like stitch

I also taught crochet, which was very funny on one hand and very interesting on the other, I loved how my friend made one funny face after the other when trying a new stitch or finding herself in a tricky situation. She refused to let me take a picture of her or her work (which I can understand somehow but find very sad) but here’s a pic of my dorsal fin of Chubby showing her how to make hers:

I also saw a lot of friends the last weeks and went to a super cool party last weekend – 4 days in Hannover, the last three of them partying with 20 other Prince Fans. I could give my Prince Cap to its new proud owner and laughed a lot, met new friends and old ones, Hello Mr Dieter =^__^= and enjoyed the days very very much, can’t wait for the next party to come ….

in case I shouldn’t post again before the holidays: have a wonderful time, spend it wisely, enjoy yourself, don’t eat toooo much, but as much as you can, maybe there is snow where you are then make snow men or snow angels – have fun and happy Holidays!!!

xoxo, Diana