I want to make another cyclone hat for myself. One that’s a bit thinner. I love love love the one I have right now as it’s effing freezing cold at the moment in Berlin and this one is super warm, but I’m also thinking ahead and winters are also long and grey and mainly windy (not so much effing freezing usually) and a nice thinner hat will be fun. Actually any new hat would be fun, let’s be honest 🙂

I’ve been thinking about using the madelintoshs I have left over from knitting the Batads (1 & 2) I made last year..

a lot of madelintosh to chose from

now the question is – what to mix, how to mix, stripes?, bold stockinette?, textured?, maybe even fair isle? – it’s just too many options.

I’m leaning towards a grey-ish toned brim (still there would be three colors to choose from, the picture is very bright, the greenish is more on the grey side too) and that one will definitely be with yarn held double as I want the brim to be kinda bigger. But for the two sides of cyclone? First idea was purple one side and one of the blues on the other. But now I’m not so sure anymore, maybe a dark and a bright blue side?

it’s just so difficult. Why must taking knitting decisions be so difficult? I mean I didn’t even start thinking about the stitch patterns…