yarn bleeding, wow, I didn’t see this in ages. I don’t mind though, copper red on my coppery red hair will not damage anything ^__^ and I believe it’s just because this merino was standing next to the window for a while. So a little vinegar will do the trick.

on the other hand some info on my CCCAL (I can’t believe how many C’s I squeezed in here) and the CCKAL. The crochet project will be an amigurumi, so if you already know your favorite yarn/hook combo go for that. I use catania with a E hook (3.5mm). For colors I recommend something green and something skin colored. If you want to go a little extra snazzy, catch some red as well.
Knittingwise, well for colors I would say fetch something that suits you, maybe a lovely cream with your dark brown hair? or a blue if your blond? you choose. Which weight and needle? I used a worsted and a 4.5mm needle. My gauge was 9.5sts/2inches. In the end I went for 99sts/21inches.

I hope this helps, prepare your holiday spirits, we’ll start soon