Okay so pinterest is my latest addiction and I was rummaging it for some Easter ideas when I found these bun rolls. I also found this fail, But honestly? I think some people just want to make things fail. Anyways I gave them a try.


I didn’t find these to be hard to do. I used my favorite bread bun recipe and let the dough rise. Then I formed six balls and started cutting ears. To find the right angle though is tricky. My first try was too flat, but hey it’s only dough, I just reformed the ball and started over.


Now looking at my cute buns I think they are more like cats but they’re still cute and cheer the Easter mood.


Googling before I started also made me find this video on YouTube which I found very helpful. Molding the ears and eyes is a must-do. I used a chopstick for this part.
Also thinking about my buns I think next time I wouldn’t cut the dough all the way through for the ears, as the further rising made them shrink and also lift a little, which I needed to repair with the chopstick.


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend