spent the day on the hamburg christmas market, very nice, I had an awesome apple punch, with cinnamon and cream and caramel topping

but now it’s picture time:

I also wanted to show you the progress on the back of Sylvi, I followed the pattern for the first 20 rows and added decreases at both sides of the main pattern to have a waist shaping, then I followed for some more rows and started to increase again ignoring the decreases of the pattern, and knitting front and back directly left and right to the leafy section, sometimes before, sometimes after the bordering purl stitch. Now I’m about to start the arm decreases. The first flower is two rows lower than the original pattern, otherwise it wouldn’t have fitted onto the jacket any longer and the bubbles would have been directly on the side seam. Now the flower is directly at the waist and I think two of the petals will be sewn ‘around’ to the front.

In Hamburg we first went to the Hamburger Wollfarbik, I was about to get my birthday present there: 250gramm of the finest 2ply 100% merino lace yarn, see the gorgious color?

edit to say that the lovely blue yarn will turn into the South Seas Stole by Laura Patterson (ravelry link)
and to share this fantastic hamburg christmas market Santa Frog: