I’m getting closer and closer to finishing my lovely flowery blanket, my first granny afghan ever! It will be adorable I can feel it. I have 66 squares finished, which doesn’t sound much compared to other blankets that easily sum up 200 squares but my squares are huge compared to what I see throughout the net. So my afghan will be able to cover my queensize bed when whipped up ^__^.

Anyways 66 squares and trying to arrange them on the bed I knew I needed more small flower squares, which I’m making now. I first thought about only making another 6 squares (which would make 72 and 8×9 in the blanket) cause I feel a little tired making them. But really calculating and thinking about the finished piece I figured I could “force” myself to make another 8 additional squares, so I would be able to assemble 80 squares (8×10). Calculating and checking my yarn storage I need to order more green. And doing so I also ordered a few more gold skeins, just in case.. And I start to think about the edging..any ideas?


oh .. and I started thinking about joining them too. I googled joining methods when I started and found this one to be the one I would like the most, it would be less visible, but being a little too picky and realizing all the ends to weave in with this method I came up with an idea that in my head right now seems even better, less weaving and no wonkyness (as Carina calls it). But I haven’t tried it yet so we will see how that works out

so long, happy crocheting, Diana