another Chubby Fish is finished, I added a little star, I think it looks cute =)
You can find the pattern at the sidebar.

Also I finished a swatch for my new Sylvi, I look at it and like the color and also like the stitches (it’s off gauge but that doesn’t matter, need to change it anyway) but I can’t figure out how to count with the seed stitch. It stretches enormously, in both directions. I measured when it was still wet and pinned to the couch and I had 14 sts and 21 rows, when it was dry it had 15 sts and 25 rows now that I played with it the whole day it has 15.5 sts and 28 rows, but when I stretch it I can give it whatever sts and rows I want.
I think this is what is called “ease”. I happen to read it alot lately. Alot of patterns have positive or negative ease. I haven’t made a little research on it so I’m not sure what this knitting term really relates to but I think I don’t like patterns to stretch or shrink, what do you think?
And to confuse me even more I’m starting with the sleeves. Over at ravelry Tikru the designer of Sylvi made the great suggestion to begin with the sleeves to see if your gauge is correct (not as much to frog and you have the sleeve cuffs done!)