Batad – I love this pattern! Stephen, you truly outdid yourself with this one. A shawl that will not fall off your shoulders, hence perfect for offices and out and about times in the summer. This is my third. 3. Three are mine now, all different. This one is thicker, warmer, a little bit like an armour. It has this texture to it that feels secure somehow. And I’m often using it in the office when the colleague wants to open the winter windows…

batad covering bare skin, one shoulder free

yarn: Madtosh sock in the colors geyser pool & robin red breast

needles: 4mm

started: September 2016

finished: January 2017

pattern: Batad by Stephen West

modifications: with the first two I made I learnt that changing the color can be done w/o cutting the yarn. You only need to knit another half round to get back to the start of the round. drop the yarn, work the welt. That’s it. And way less ends to deal with 🙂

my ravelry notes

pics: the fabulous Louisa