a shirt for summer, knit from linen, on small needles for a light airy summer feel all the way through. I’m enjoying this one, now that we finally have summer days again even more.

portait with girl in blue turtle neck shirt

yarn: linen, blue, from Hamburger Wollfabrik. Looks like this summer yarn is only available in the brick-and-mortar-shop.

needles: 3mm

started: April 2017

finished: September 2017

pattern: basically I just copied a turtle neck shirt I already had and love. I swatched, calculated my gauge, and started bottom up. casting on my hip width and knit my way up, stockinette stitch all the way through. Added some waits shaping, some bust shaping as I went.

The wide turtle neck caused me some brain freeze and I needed to start over, but in the end it was lovely. Basically the trick, maybe to do with the linen yarn, was decreasing a little after I picked up the stitches and the increasing in width again when coming close to the final length.


posing with blue linen short sleeved turtle neck shirt

ravelry – more details

pics: Louisa