started two years ago, bound off last year, unsatisfied. washed, put in the closet, the back of the closet, cleaning the flat, finding more yellow yarn, gleeing for joy, opening the bind off of the button bands again, knitting another couple of inches, adding button holes, finishing a cardigan I love.

This is the long story short.

button band yellow cardigan

This cardigan is based on a contiguous sleeve technique, so I don’t have a clear pattern to share here. I’ve written down a “pattern” for myself which I’ve made with several yarn and needles sizes meanwhile and maybe at some point, I’ll share that recipe too, cause I thing it will be working with different body sizes too.

contiguous sleeve yellow cardigan

The yarn is a silk/merino blend from Seehawer & Siebert and just the most luscious, mustardy, sunny, perfect bright yellow one could find. Love it!

back view yellow cardigan

I’ve knit with this yarn before and the pullover shrank and felted quite a bit after the first naive washing in the machine. Well I’ve learned. It’s the first pullover I ever made and still like it very much. It’s fitting tightly meanwhile, but still good and as it’s my first, I can’t let it go. Anyways for the yellow cardigan I decided to plan in this felting from the beginning. (I do much better at washing handknits nowadays too 😉 and another felting might be on purpose)

So how did I plan for “accidental” felting? first in knitting a tiny bit bigger and second in choosing a stitch pattern that will look good and clean even after felting. I went with a 2×2 moss stitch (I guess this is technically called differently but I believe you know what I’m talking of) and this won’t change much when felted, actually it might look even better, a bit tweed style maybe. And the slightly bigger size will still look great too even in case I decide to try and go for some felting some day.


started: April 2015

finished: January 2017

yarnSeehawer & Siebert Wolle-Seidengarn

needles: 3.25 mm

“specifications”: 2×2 moss stitch as main stitch pattern, 2×2 ribbing for the collar/button band, some marvellous waist shaping, 3/4 sleeves, italian/tubular bind off and cast on

waist shaping on yellow cardigan

front view yellow cardigan


not much more to say 🙂 love it!

If you have question, place them below 🙂 I’m happy to answer


hugs, Diana