So, it’s already way into March, about time to look back at last month, yes? And you know February is a really short month , I don’t feel blame for looking back when it’s almost April, haha. Also my mind is still somehow in February, men are blocking the thinking. I really don’t know if you want to know about such stuff. You know I’m single and don’t have the life of your average “knitting and writing about it and my happy little life in a blog” person. There is no husband who brings me flowers without no reason or two small kids that smile funnily into the camera. I’m single, I enjoy (and struggle) with the ups and down this comes with. 

Don’t get me wrong I love my life right now. I still miss a special someone. And there are wonderful, amazing men out there, it’s only that right now they all seem to be taken. And this sucks and blocks the mind. Cause either they are even more amazing and tell you before you get too close, or they don’t respect their wives enough to not flirt with you.. Oh well I’m drifting off. If you actually want to know more about this stuff, let me know, maybe I will add this a little bit here and there.

It feels awkward though. Typically on knitting blogs there are small children with cookie dough and dogs and husbands and all that sugary stuff. Oh well.

My February however was nice too. First and I guess really most important I started decorating spring in here. Tulips and other flowers are on the table brightening the room (and my face). The possibility of having this dining table (cause I have it only for a few months) is beautiful. I’ve always wanted one and never really had an idea on how to make it happen, my flat is pretty small, but one day I suddenly could see it and made it happen. Love it. Now with spring even more.

tulips spring decoration

I’ve finished a cowl. I made the “big herringbone cowl” by purlsoho basically immediately after I’ve seen a picture of it in instagram. The yarn is Malabrigo in the color Diana. So it was basically my name written all over it. I’ve also meanwhile started a second one, with stash yarn and it will be a bit thinner, more spring appropriate 🙂

close up of herringbone stitch cowl

I’ve been to Florence. For a business trip. And in the last trips I always try to elongate the stay a little to actually see in which part of the world I am. I was simply tired of traveling all across Europe and never know or see anything of the city I go to. You can learn and see so much while traveling. Well Florence is a beautiful city, even during the rain.

utopia florence

And enjoyed Berlin at a photo-tour with a topic (framing) as well as the inspiring work with colleagues at a workshop (and a dinner afterwards, hence the buddha which was in front of the restaurant) I had a great day that day!

statures in berlin

berlin day and night


So now enjoy March, it’s here and going strong

hugs Diana