so, since my last post a few things happened.

My life was broken into pieces, well at least my heart was. And him and I kept talking. Actually we talked for hours every day. In these two or three hours I felt good. I felt normal.

And the more he spoke about her, the more I realized I still stood a chance. That our love stood a chance. I didn’t give up. We kept talking about us, about just normal things, every day life stuff, it felt good. And all of a sudden he decided to come back to me. Now he is back with me. He even returned to Germany.

Life is crazy still. It doesn’t feel all good and normal yet but he is willing to work at it and so am I.

I don’t know if we will do it but what I know is that this man means love to me, security and happiness. I don’t want to loose him.


so what else happened? not much.



my instagram is pretty empty this last month. I have been to a business trip to Rome, Italy, which was amazing! And I definitely will come back to see Rome again.

Over the roofs of rome

Besides that I sticked to my sport regimen and went to work. See not much happened.


On the yarn front – I don’t think I made just one stitch in June. I started to seam a skirt (it shrunk a little in the washing and now the lining is longer than the outside, so that must be fixed) but seaming is ┬ájust so boring. I’m only one third around.