Aprils Fools Day, and this is no joke, didn’t we just start this year? wasn’t there still snow like a week ago? I mean Christmas snow?

Today I look back at March and feel like it was a good month and it was a long month, quite a normal month. But then I remember when the month was just about to start and it overwhelmed me as I was looking ahead and saw so much to do in front of me. March was one of the craziest months this year. I already know. I have been to four countries in just two weeks. So many business trips in a row a new record for me.

framed march 2016

The best trip was to Barcelona, Spain.

 framed march 2016

I’ve never been there before and I was able to sneak in two extra days just for myself. So I took the opportunity and explored. I even managed to squeeze in a 12 in 12.

The day after (Sunday the 13th) I went to see the Sagrada Familia and a few of the Gaudí buildings. Barcelona is awesome! I will definitely go back there for a vacation.

I’ve also been to Belgrade, sooo lovely people, so much history!

Vienna (again) and always worth the stay, even if just short.

and Erkner, which is a small town just outside of Berlin, so this was not such a big travel, but with all these other trips beforehand I didn’t want to see another hotel bed in a long time.

After that the office got me back and the regular chaos at work. Lovin’ it


In march I also squeezed in a little knitting: another cardigan with a gorgeous moss stitch was ripped about 6 inches and now needs re-knitting.

framed march 2016

I found the waist was still too wide, I started the shaping a few rows to late so I needed to step back. Which I personally like as I know I will end up with something that I will truly love and that will fit. Always. But I also know that a lot of other knitters are not so fond of ripping their progress. But it’s so worth it, I swear 🙂


And finally finally spring season hit in. This upcoming weekend they say we will have up to 20°C (which I still question) but I will spend some time on my balcony and start the gardening season too.

framed march 2016

Other than that, I love the sunglasses I bought in Barcelona 🙂 and we spend a lot of time outside, flowers everywhere, new life, new air, new everything 🙂

I wish you a wonderful April. Diana



oh and I also journaled. I love this. It keeps my mind clean. Creativity is intelligence having fun. 🙂

framed march 2016