March was pretty calm over here, I started with a cold and ended March with my obligatory two weeks of hay fever. A lot of sniffing.

In genereal March was working, only a little bit of knitting and mostly being happy about the sparks of joy the spring can bring. When nature wakes up from its beauty sleep. Oh my – I love this – fresh green, popping colors, forcing their way into the grey world. Besides that last week/weekend we had temperatures that equal summer! o_O in March.

fresh spring blooming berlin

spring flowers narzisse krokus

I did a bit of knitting on my second herringbone cowl (which will be way too warm when I finish, even though I planned this to be thinner for weather like this, not knowing that we will have the summer from last year plus this years summer in one)

and starting to work on an old project, the baltic ripple blanket, that I started 2015 or so. I stopped because I needed to rewind the yarn I had, as I changed my mind on the colors I first ordered and the whole blanket was a wind’a’little crochet’a’little.

yarnlove and knitting herringbone cowl

And I have bangs now 🙂 I’m so happy with these!!! I feel very Zooey Deschanel with these, thehehe

happy with bangs

and in case you wonder this yellow cardigan is the one I finished in January and that I have pictures of now and that I will show you in more pictures and details next week.


I hope you caught an Aprils fool yesterday