So happy Halloween!!

October was mainly rainy, a few good marvellous days of sun in-between. Overall a good month. Well actually a very good month. . .


I made egg salad with avocado! it’s the best, imagine a guacamole-egg-salad-sandwich, just the idea must make your mouths water. If not I believe there is something seriously wrong with you. Naaah just kidding, everyone can eat what they like 🙂


I was in Neukölln and discovered it with completely new eyes . . . Also thanks to one of the best companies a girl can have when walking around town taking pictures!


I finally put Charly on the blog, for free! and I added a completely new doll. Mr Pumpkindle. I hope you made him and enjoyed Halloween together.


I’ve been to Hamburg for a business trip.

And took the opportunity to go to Hamburger Wollfarbik. Cause you know what? I am actually binding off that oak blanket! whoop whoop. I was realising I’ll be running out of yarn for the border and it was obviously just a match made in heaven that I would be in the city where I bought the yarn – 5.5 years ago. Yes I started this blanket in June 2011, I was surprised myself. Now I didn’t get the perfect color match again but something just a tad darker so working in a few rows of color changes before running out completely and voilá – now I’m binding off. Italian Bind Off. You can call me crazy, but I just want this blanket to have the perfect ending too. A happy ending, thehee


and I got a new camera! The Panasonic DMC-LX100, I call him Alex (sooo obvious, I know) but the pictures he takes are the bomb. I’m having so much fun right now. I’ll give you a proper “review” once I have played with him a little more. A girl must play a little with her new toys right?


Happy Halloween!! Diana